Stepping up to Being a B-Corp!

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Love is all around.

At OTA, love is all around. It is one of the most powerful things that attracted me to want to be a part of OTA. Our love for our employees, franchisees and associates and the working environment we provide; our love for our students and their success; our love for the environment and being good stewards; our love for our community and giving back and our love for our passionate-purpose and core-values.

Walking the Talk of a Culture of Love.

Love has been our #1 core-value for 15 years at OTA. Whereas a culture of love is now becoming fashionable with more and more books and speakers talking the talk, we have been walking that talk for 15 years already. Thanks to our COO Gene Longobardi who originated the exercise back then of defining our core values and to our founder/CEO Eyal Shahar who insisted that Love was our #1 core-value. For us, it’s about unconditional love for everyone and everything as an absence of fear, an absence of egos and an absence of limiting beliefs. 

Stepping Up to Being a B Corp.

That is why it was such a natural evolution for us to step up to being a certified B-Corp

B-Corp meets the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability.

Mind you, it wasn’t easy! 

Making a commitment to being a B Corp is a big investment. Putting your money where your mouth is! Going through the assessment is a huge endeavor. 

Many try but only a few achieve certification. 

Many can’t stay the course and go the distance of everything that it takes. 

For whatever reason their resolve isn’t up to the task. Not at OTA. Because of what we stand for. We are committed to business as a force for good, balancing purpose and profit and helping to build an inclusive and sustainable economy that works for everyone.  It’s what we stand for, how we do business and who we are.