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Trading is a Skill to be Mastered

Your education experience includes a complete immersion within our 360 degree learning environment. We focus on helping you learn to develop your skill to trade in the financial markets.



“As a martial arts instructor for over 20 years, I appreciate discipline. It’s so freeing to know that with my trading rules, I can be in the markets whether they go up, down or sideways.”
Matt S, Student
The education provided by OTA provides significant learning value to students and enables students who follow the principles and use the techniques taught by OTA to develop confidence in trading and investing
DR. JEFF HARRIS Former Chief Economist of the SEC and CFTC
Professor and Chair, Department of Finance and
Real Estate, American University

In 2019, our last Full Year of Normal Operations Pre-Pandemic

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210,000 Post-Class Exit Surveys

Student Survey

April 2021 Survey of over 1000 Students

  • 6 out of 10 respondents said that Trading Academy is an important part of their lives.
  • 7 out of 10 respondents said that they wished they had started their education sooner.
  • 70% said they had either no experience or were novices before starting with Trading Academy.
  • 64% said they were more confident in managing their money.
  • 76% said they were more knowledgeable about how to manage risk.
  • 81% of students said they feel more knowledgeable about how the markets work.
  • 70% reported that they are trading live in the market.
  • Compared to our compilation of 3rd party research, our respondents report that they do a lot better than average at making money.

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Overall, OTA’s curriculum and delivery methods compare well with widely accepted experiential learning techniques that provide valuable lifelong learning opportunities for OTA students
DR. JEFF HARRIS Former Chief Economist of the SEC and CFTC
Professor and Chair, Department of Finance and
Real Estate, American University


Celebrating its 25th year in business since its inception in 1997, Trading Academy has emerged as the clear industry leader in developing retail traders and investors through education.

Education is the great equalizer, but not all education is equal. Trading Academy is the industry leader in financial education for people looking to build the skills, evolve the proficiency and develop the confidence for retail trading and investing in the financial markets. No other educator offers the combined blend of physical education centers, proprietary methodology (Core Strategy) and a patented enabling technology platform (CliK), all built on a foundation of responsible risk management. Few, if any others, provide the scale, scope and technology enablement of deep learning experiences like Trading Academy does. With so many students over so many years, Trading Academy is a world leading innovator of education and technology for retail traders and investors.

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