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Students who attend our classes at any of our centers worldwide complete surveys at the end of each class and may also add comments. The cumulative ratings and individual comments are taken from these surveys.

Online Trading Academy

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“very impressed with the Detriot location and staff. Very nice and freindly and make you feel comfortable. The instructors are real traders with over 20 years experience. Go out of their way to make you understand the information they are giving to you.”

Detroit, MI Core Strategy Class

“I highly recommend OTA and Craig Weil. He is very knowledgable and passionate about teaching futures! He shared all his tricks with the class and took the time to email us after our class ended to give us times to trade per market. This was his knowledge of 30 years of trading and he shared with us! Definetly worth the investment!”

Detroit, MI Futures

“The class is very informative. The instructor, Steve Misic helped students understand the technical sides of TradeStation easier to digest. Overall, the class is very enjoyable. ”

Irvine, CA Platform Immersion Part 2

“Did not enjoy Futures will Wayne Citron. Wayne is an old-school pit trader with little knowledge of core strategy. ”

Charlotte, NC Futures

“I enjoyed this class. It goes through the little platform items that are unknown and gives a professional level teaching for the software. Thank you to Steve for his insights. James Kelly”

Irvine, CA Platform Immersion Part 2

“Wish I took this class earlier!”

Irvine, CA Platform Immersion Part 2

“Amazing class. I am convinced that these classes need to be longer because of all the info the teachers provide. Will Nieblas”

Irvine, CA Platform Immersion Part 2

“I would recommend OTA to anyone interested in trading on a professional level.”

Irvine, CA Core Strategy Class

“This has given me the basis to start trading and a framework to change my life.”

Atlanta, GA Core Strategy Class

“Eric in San Diego, This class gave me not only a solid foundations for understanding Options but I left feeling like a real trader ready for work. Thanks OTA! ”

San Diego, CA Options

“OTA in general and not OTA ATL in particular though!”

Atlanta, GA Options

“It was the first class in years that I enjoyed, learned something and I will be able to use to improve my life. ”

Charlotte, NC Core Strategy Class

“The Online Trading Academy is a platform of opportunity, that equips students with specialized knowledge about how the markets operate. I enjoyed the in-depth learning environment, watching the markets and applying viewing Core Strategy to actually see turning points and pivots, before they happened. I was able to grasp how markets create wealth. Get rich quick scams come and go. However, the markets have created more wealth in history than anything I know! Yet, perhaps, the 'powers that be' truly do not share the notion or knowledge of low risk, high reward trading with people. Regardless, thanks to OTA and Core Strategy, I have gained and will continue to gain that knowledge. Thank you OTA! ”

Atlanta, GA Core Strategy Class

“ Online trading academy has the most easiest way of trading. The core strategy is the best way for a novice to get into trading and lays a good foundation for being an expert in other assets like forex, furures, options and others. I will always come back for other courses and will like to be part of this trading family. Anthony Oakanpo.”

UK Core Strategy Class

“Craig was a great and very knowledgeable instructor. He went beyond the limit to break down the Core strategy concept both theoretically and practically in a very structured way. He poured out the knowledge he acquired during his many years of experience as a professional trader. He was willing to assist and to answer every question even during the break time. He insisted on the fact that trading is not a 'Rocket Science' but, we must be very disciplined and follow the system and if our trading plan is not working, we should review it and can always go back to My OTA for help. I think I am equipped with all the tools that I need to succeed. Marie Francoise D.”

Baltimore, MD Core Strategy Class

“I wish I had known of OTA years ago. The instruction and tools provided are everything needed to be a successful and financially secure income trader. I am more optimistic about my financial future than ever before. I look forward to the freedom this knowledge will afford me. Mary M.”

Irvine, CA Options

“I love the fact that I can review financial information now that I am retired.”

Chicago, IL ProActive Investor

“great explanations, Greg did a great job helping the ideas stick. I have taken this course before, but it left me a bit blurry about how to move forward. Greg's insights and experience have helped me clarify some topics that were confusing before, and get a clearer idea of how to take action as soon as I get get home.”

Dallas, TX Options

“Given my lack of understanding the financial markets, I entered the OTA door with great trepidation. Fortunately I was greeted by a most friendly and compassionate staff, all of whom at one time, stood in my shoes. I quickly came to know that I would never get left behind because the mission of OTA is to see to the success of every student, one at the time! LillyJane Barron Perry, GA”

Tampa Bay, FL Core Strategy Class

“This has been a great experience for me. All of the people at the Houston office are so kind and willing to work with you so that you get the maximum benefit of their programs. ”

Houston, TX Forex

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