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Students who attend our classes at any of our centers worldwide complete surveys at the end of each class and may also add comments. The cumulative ratings and individual comments are taken from these surveys.

Online Trading Academy

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“Get ready to be shocked by what you will learn. Then, be ready to ask why wasn't this approach to investing and trading not covered in school; high school at the very least.”

Los Angeles - Woodland Hills, CA Core Strategy Class

“The program gives you a whole new view of managing wealth and earning income through trading. The messaging is clear from the beginning that this is no get rich quick program. It takes time and dedication to learning the process. It is hard to grasp in the begging. I can only hope with continued effort and support from the great team that my journey to success will be on track. I'm looking forward to my Futures program in April and hopefully reducing my need to work for any company in the future. Jim M.”

Philadelphia, PA Core Strategy Class

“I've been a trader for years; however, I didn't realize how much of a novice I still was until Online Trading Academy opened my eyes to what really is going on, and how much of a disadvantage novices face without the proper knowledge and training.”

Atlanta, GA Platform Immersion Part 1

“For anyone who wants to make sure they have done the best they can to provide enough assets so they have enough to last until they have reached an old age, OTA's Proactive Investor course is essential. It teaches how to design an appropriate strategy of investing to attain the rate of return necessary to achieve the assets required to last for a long life. Dr. Alan Cobb”

Kansas City ProActive Investor

“Our instructor, Greg Hadley knows this material really, really well. He is funny, and answers everyone's questions. He keeps you engaged the entire time. He really wants to see the students succeed.”

New York, NY Options

“I am more than satisfied for taking the Core Strategy class. The instructor, Jon, has a unique and effective way of teaching and I learned more than I expected. The week was intense but it was worth it. I now feel that I have the necessary skills to move forward as a new trader. I would recommend OTA to anyone who wants to learn how to trade. Patricia Crisan Szabo”

Toronto, Canada Core Strategy Class

“Great opportunity for some people but not everyone has the skillsets to do it - James”

Atlanta, GA Forex

“Very knowledgeable instructor who is clearly passionate about empowering students to become more successful traders. ”

Atlanta, GA Futures

“Josef is a very knowledgable options trader and is able to use other world experiences to help explain.”

Los Angeles - Westwood, CA Options

“The quality of the instructors coupled with OTA developed rule based aids and instruction material turns a seemingly impossible task of not only understanding the market but also helping guide us to different methods of success. It is obvious that there are many different individual needs, and learning styles, so I am amazed how their system(s) offers each of us the abilities resources to grow. Why this works is that OTA hammers home the need to follow the rule based methodology you need to personally develop tailored learning for your potential style of trading to meet your needs and income objectives. This is not some easy check list type of program, and to be successful one has to work hard and spend a lot of time to gain the knowledge and discipline necessary to be successful. OTA does their part by make all of the necessary information and skill sets available, the rest is up to the individual student.”

Kansas City ProActive Investor

“ I really get the main ideas and practiced which went very well. Cherian has great experience and unique teaching style, which i found very satisfying and addressed all my questions. a big thanks to OTA and Chrian for a very successful course.”

Dubai, UAE Core Strategy Part 2 - Dubai

“it is informative”

Dubai, UAE Core Strategy Part 2 - Dubai

“I gained strong and intense knowledge in a short week's time. Thanks OTA”

Dubai, UAE Core Strategy Part 2 - Dubai

“This course content was superb! The updated course focusing on their Core Strategy me a great foundation to trade with confidence.”

Los Angeles - Woodland Hills, CA Core Strategy Class

“A very well structured course that enabled me to understand the core principles of trading. ”

Dubai, UAE Core Strategy Part 2 - Dubai

“really good”

Dubai, UAE Core Strategy Part 2 - Dubai

“I appreciated the message that we were here to win more trades than to loose and that a good enough trade was not good enough. The emphasis was placed that we become professional traders not novices.”

Toronto, Canada Core Strategy Class

“Core strategy program provided a sound structure around which to organize trading activities, across asset classes.”

Toronto, Canada Core Strategy Class

“OTA is truly a life changing community. ”

Chicago, IL Futures

“Jody Wong's Professional Forex Trader class was very informative and enjoyable. He challenged you to improve and refine your skills with plenty of hands-on, live trading experience. This class has provided me with excellent tools to be able to effectively trade in Forex. I'd recommend any of OTA's courses, but I strongly recommend any students look to take one of Jody's classes.”

Milwaukee, WI Forex

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