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Students who attend our classes at any of our centers worldwide complete surveys at the end of each class and may also add comments. The cumulative ratings and individual comments are taken from these surveys.

Online Trading Academy

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“Reluctant to share with others until I have success. Then will recommend to anyone that is interested in similar success.”

Atlanta, GA Forex

“This is one of the best decisions we have ever made to invest in our future! I would recommend Online Trading Academy to anyone who is willing to be coachable and teachable and realize that it will take discipline and hard work. Kim Zeigler”

Atlanta, GA Forex

“great experience”

Atlanta, GA Forex

“Before join the course FOREX was a black box to me. But after doing the course, I am confident that I can have a decent income with FOREX trading. Instructor taught this topic in a very simplified way. I would recommend my friends and family, who has interest in Forex, to take this course. Thanks, Marty”

Atlanta, GA Forex

“Patient, calm and knowledgeable with rock star hair. These are just some of the qualities of Ben's that I aspire to.”

UK TradeStation Quickstart

“Scott put in the extra effort going over basic strategy which was very helpful. Andrew”

Norwalk, CT Core Strategy Class

“Great experience to understand economics and where your retirement plan is headed and assured”

Irvine, CA Personal Trading Plan

“I continue to be blown away by Online Trading Academy! I came in to focus on my Trade Plan and I not only did I get the support to complete this very important aspect of my trading but, I also got a lot of knowledge and valuable information for my growth as a professional trader. I was in the healthcare field and I just never imagined such a drastic career chance and being successful at it. I love this education and I am so grateful for level of support that I continue to receive, even years after taking my initial courses. Doris Kish ”

Irvine, CA Personal Trading Plan

“Yes I did enjoy myself,I enjoy everything that OTA,has to offer,the teacher was grate,the food is vary good, the fusility is grate.....The thing that I wood have a complaint about is something OTA has no control over....."TRAFFIC" !!!! Thanks for all you do. ”

Irvine, CA Options

“Gabe is great teacher easy to understand.”

Irvine, CA Personal Trading Plan

“Alex Perna is a talented and knowledgeable presenter. He demonstrated each of the 6 steps clearly, patiently responding to questions and expanding our knowledge with his real life chart examples. His presentation and pace were excellent. Great mixture of steps, examples and personal trading stories. Thanks Alex. Great session! Kate W - Vancouver”

Vancouver, Canada Forex

“Bob Dunn was great at explaining how to see gap and embracing candle opportunities and "listen to the charts", I can't wait to apply his techniques to my trading. Jim B, Fort Lauderdale”

West Palm Beach, FL Futures

“Michelle brings it in a way that makes you feel as if nothing else YOU WILL GET THIS. NO DOUBTS ABOUT IT!!!! GOT TO LOVE HER, TRULY LIFE CHANGING RICO KEMP”

Atlanta, GA Futures

“The Futures class was very informative. Our instructor was extremely knowledgeable and did an excellent job teaching the class.”

Houston, TX Futures

“I need to generate weekly income, as well as protect and grow my 401k's and this Futures class taught me how to do that at an excelerated rate, with a much lower risk. I have decided that Futures is going to be my vehicle to achieve my financial goals and this class has put me way ahead of the curve to getting there. Thank you OTA!”

Houston, TX Futures

“Spencer does a fantastic job of explaining this platform to all levels pf students.”

Minneapolis, MN Platform Immersion Part 1

“Spencer Lewis is top-notch. In addition to being extremely patient with students, he truly knows the course content and has a very methodical process of laying out the foundation while gradually progressing to the precise details of how TradeStation works. He's an outstanding resource for OTA Minneapolis. I'm so glad he's here. Margo Bruchu”

Minneapolis, MN Platform Immersion Part 2

“i finally found someone to help me with being a good trader”

Charlotte, NC Personal Trading Plan

“The planning class at OTA is an entry level to what you have to do to become successful if YOU want to be a day trader. ”

Charlotte, NC Personal Trading Plan

“Ryan did an amazing job building on from the core curriculum, making learning the Futures vehicle much easier!”

Houston, TX Futures

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