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Students who attend our classes at any of our centers worldwide complete surveys at the end of each class and may also add comments. The cumulative ratings and individual comments are taken from these surveys.

Online Trading Academy

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“My name is Olutayo, Ora has giving confidence that there is a path for me to hire myself and be my own boss; that has been my long term dream.”

Ridgefield Park, NJ Core Strategy Class

“I enjoyed a lot the class especially in the actual computer laboratory portion where we ask to apply what we have learned theoretically. The actual hands on to the computer is the real deal that makes you feel closer to the actual trading itself. It gives smile in your face once you have achieved and learned what the instructor has taught you; it gives you confidence that you can take on the challenges ahead, rooted in patience, discipline and consistency.”

Dubai, UAE Core Strategy Part 2 - Dubai

“Online Trading Academy Futures course was a great experience. It reviewed the core strategy as well as built on top knowledge gained from other classes. Michelle provided examples and her time to be accessible to the class.”

Atlanta, GA Futures

“I am likely to tell all of my friends about OTA. In fact, many of them are waiting on the side lines to see how I do. ”

San Diego, CA Futures

“The OnlineTrading Academy is truly a community that cares for their students and is committed to seeing us succeed. The staff at the Atlanta campus are always helpful, friendly and knowledgeable. ”

Atlanta, GA Futures

“OTA instructors are seasoned traders themselves. Their teachings are right to the point and very practical. They can answer detailed questions about trading strategies and about trading platforms with ease. - Shuping Ye”

Atlanta, GA Futures

“Trade planning is very needed to be a good trader! Brian K”

Charlotte, NC Personal Trading Plan

“This is the 4th class I've taken in the series. Each succeeding class has increased by confidence and accuracy as a trader.”

Charlotte, NC Personal Trading Plan

“This is a great way to learn the ropes in the trading which is the most difficult thing to master and be consistently profitable. If you are pasionate and willing to work hard OTA will help you.”

Chicago, IL Options

“"Don't give up, don't ever give up." quote by Jimmy V foundation, I am still a marginal FORX trader and have taken and have retaken the course. Giving up is not a personal option for me. Back at it with more confidence. Retake was needed and helpful. If one gives up, just think about the investment one made to learn the material. It is like having a very large loosing trade! Coffee_jck / john Kline ”

Raleigh, NC Forex

“Helped to accomplish my financial goals.”

Charlotte, NC Personal Trading Plan

“This class is essential in making sure we are able to have a plan in place when trading instead of relying on unreliable information in the decision making process. ”

Charlotte, NC Personal Trading Plan

“Good class”

Baltimore, MD Futures

“Quinton is great at helping to shifting monetary focus off ourselves and defining greater goals for trading that will help others in life.”

Atlanta, GA Personal Trading Plan

“This was a very informative and instructive class on preparing a trade plan.”

Charlotte, NC Personal Trading Plan

“Being a 25 year old with out a college degree I felt like I had no future in front of me, but because of OTA I now have the opportunity to be the most important person in the room. Jackie DeYoung ”

Charlotte, NC Personal Trading Plan

“Jon is an amazing instructor. His enthusiasm permeates each lesson ( I didn't think the beatings were necessary...)Really a special person, and motivating. Sandy Pomerantz”

Long Island, NY Core Strategy Class

“Very informative. ”

Charlotte, NC Personal Trading Plan

“I have found that help is at your finger tips if you have any questions along the way.”

Charlotte, NC Personal Trading Plan

“I have a heightened sense of confidence in my ability to succeed in OTA's trading program having completed the Trading Plan course. The trading plan I developed will be a blueprint to guide me for years to come. Tom Wycoff ”

Atlanta, GA Personal Trading Plan

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