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Students who attend our classes at any of our centers worldwide complete surveys at the end of each class and may also add comments. The cumulative ratings and individual comments are taken from these surveys.

Online Trading Academy

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“The Instructor was great, learned a lot and hope my wife can join me for class sometime in the future”

Irvine, CA Core Strategy Class

“I would like to mention that Corey's testimony of not being a great student and how he followed his passion and applied himself was very encouraging to me, as I have a similar background, and at the beginning of classes, it gave me the spark of hope to be able to be a successful trader. Also: Leon's story was instrumental to both me and my wife ,in making the decision to sign up when we first came to OTA! Thank You Paul Morel”

San Diego, CA Core Strategy Class

“Bob Dunn is an excellent instructor, very knowledgeable and easy to follow. I would highly recommend if you are considering taking a Futures XLT course.”

Kansas City Futures

“The online trading academy is a great institution that taught me how to manage a personal trading plan and how to distinguish novice habits from the successful ones. I have only been trading for half a year and i have learned a lot during my first orientation. I am excited to see everything else they can offer to enhance my trading skills and the experience with the market - John A”

Charlotte, NC Personal Trading Plan

“Josip Causic's option class was a real eye opener. I traded options before, but with the "nuggets" I picked up in his class and the strong rules he gave us, my option trading gets to a absolutely new level.”

Tampa Bay, FL Options

“The instructor did a great job explaining the course work in a way I could understand and implement in my trading. Taylor West”

Kansas City Futures

“I really enjoyed the class. Instructor was very helpful and informed . G Roberts”

Charlotte, NC Personal Trading Plan

“To those who have come across OTA: while the name may suggest that this is an "online" program, you have access to a large number of in-person locations and you will not be able to find an organization that can provide as accurate and well structured of a program as these people. You gain access to online and in person resources such trading coaches and a customer support team that will make your learning process a breeze. I had done my fair bit of research before joining (3 months to be exact) and I can confidently say that no other place will offer you the same as what OTA does! I am extremely happy with my decision to join the academy!”

Vancouver, Canada Core Strategy Class

“OTA strikes me as a very unique community. It is surprising to hear time and again that they want you to stay in touch - everyone seems to offer support. This is not a hit-and-run classroom experience, but a long-term relationship. OTA has a solid track record and a supportive culture that ensures anyone who is serious about trading can find the needed support. - Steffen”

Charlotte, NC Personal Trading Plan

“This class helped tie a lot of the information together. A business plan is a must have in any new endeavor so the Personal Trading Plan makes perfect sense.”

Charlotte, NC Personal Trading Plan

“I was looking for a life changing experience. I needed to find something that would help me make a living and also help me have more time to spend with my children. I found that at OTA. My wife and I are both doing the program and are loving the experience. I will recommend it to everyone who wants a better life and can benefit from the challenging experience. Thanks OTA. ”

Vancouver, Canada Core Strategy Class

“Its too early for this. I need to go watch a whole bunch of videos from Russ Allen, and even repeat this class somehow. I also need to flow some test transactions through a Simulated environment in order to get more confident.”

Phoenix, AZ Options

“The instructors at the Online Trading Academy are top notch! Sunil is a great instructor for Forex. Very straightforward and explains things very well. Can't wait to start practicing on my own. Facility is always clean and the staff is always friendly and helpful. Breakfast and lunch are a nice touch!”

Boston, MA Forex

“I have found OTA courses valuable. When I came at first I had no clues about Forex or any trading. After the course I have some skill how trading work. I hope I will put my learning skill towards to real account or Forex trading and get some income. I recommend OTA to learn trading technique. ”

Baltimore, MD Forex

“Every instructor has something new to bring to the table. It was fascinating to hear the instructor's experience in the stock exchange. This is knowledge that we would have never known about. It truly is an eye opener. ”

New Jersey - Central Core Strategy Class

“I retook this class to refresh my knowledge and I was greatly surprised because it taught me many things I never Knew, I had so much fun learning.”

New Jersey - Central Core Strategy Class

“I always refrained from getting involved in the market, as I thought it was overwhelming and dangerous. Based on the last seven days of classes showing me the technics , I am now willing to engage in the market. I can see it much simpler now and not be intimidated, but benefit from the technics that I have learned. The details of how to spot a good trade will be indeed beneficial for me as I will take action to enjoy the results. Thanks DAN and OAT !!”

New York, NY Core Strategy Class

“Jeff Manson was a very passionate instructor. Offered great clarity and in depth understanding of the concepts. Assuring all students thoroughly understood the material as well.”

Chicago, IL Futures

“Finding OTA was the change I was looking for in my life. I found my reason WHY here at the academy. I now have the skill set necessary to be a successful trader. I also have a skill I can use for the rest of my life. More importantly I am now apart of the OTA family. If there are any issues that arise in the future I can return to OTA and get the help or advice that I need. No more conference calls where nothing gets accomplished, no more employees whining and complaining about work. No more headaches and sleepless nights worrying about what is going to happen at work. Now I WORK FOR MYSELF! Instead of working to make money, I make my money work for me! If the sky is the limit then OTA is the vehicle to take you into space! BLAST OFF!!! ”

Denver, CO Core Strategy Class

“Hello my name is Antonio, I'm very happy to say that OTA takes the time and walks you through every step of the way, and takes the time to make sure that you understand the process.”

Toronto, Canada Futures

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