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Students who attend our classes at any of our centers worldwide complete surveys at the end of each class and may also add comments. The cumulative ratings and individual comments are taken from these surveys.

Online Trading Academy

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“Same as always -- great!”

Phoenix, AZ Options

“If any one wants to further there trading career, I will definitely recommend this class to those who want to learn Options. ”

Atlanta, GA Options

“Quentin Staples message should be heard by everyone not just OTA students. The message he delivered "Yes, you can and should have a better live but it is up to you to do the work" is powerful. ”

Atlanta, GA Personal Trading Plan

“I was so thrilled and excited to even receive an invitation to attend the 3 day seminar. That Saturday morning when I had already heard the instructor for the past 2 days I knew I had found the right learning institution to teach me something that I could only dream about.”

Denver, CO TradeStation Quickstart

“I'm definitely recommended for anyone who looking to get ahead.”

Atlanta, GA Core Strategy Class

“Online Trading Academy is extremely beneficial for anyone interested in maximizing their trading potential, regardless of skill level.”

Irvine, CA Futures

“OTA has far exceeded any expectations I could have had about this program. There willingness for you to succeed is overwhelming. Everyone on the staff from receptionist to instructors, coaches, student support, and administrators is focused on your success. The classes are phenomenal as well as the support you receive to become knowledgeable in OTA's Core Strategy and the assets you have chosen to trade. Nothing has been left out from online tutorials and tools, to individual coaching. There is no attitude that you can't do this, but when you get there - you arrive at your own pace. OTA is well worth it. Elaine Griffin ”

Atlanta, GA Forex

“The Professional Options Trader course is awesome and provides a real world perspective on how to trade options safely, with low risk and high probability of profit. Tim Blotzer is an instructor with a sense of humor and one that is all too willing to be as helpful as possible; no matter where you are in your education or experience. He is great about stressing the absolute no-no's in options trading, as well as the absolute must do's. I look forward to taking future courses with Mr. Blotzer. Timothy E.”

Atlanta, GA Options

“Enjoyed program , one of the best on trading courses available.”

Vancouver, Canada Futures

“Great class for learning the basics to get started trading and gaining confidence that you are trading correctly by following the set plan.”

Seattle, WA Core Strategy Class

“I knew nothing about options trading. Because of my instructor i now know to make hand signals like crazy. I am now a bull. This is another excellent course provided by OTA. I can recommend this course without reservation to anyone wishing to learn op tons trading”

Toronto, Canada Options

“Online trading academy has helpt to save money in trading the right way.”

Irvine, CA ProActive Investor

“I am exited about Forex as my new career, it just takes patience, a great program, and a great teacher like Jodi. Ed Ryan”

Ft. Lauderdale, FL Forex


Ft. Lauderdale, FL Forex

“John Rowland is a great instructor. He is personable, patient, encouraging, genuinely interested in my success as a trader. The class was outstanding! Michael Bautista”

Long Island, NY Futures

“not till I am making money ”

San Jose, CA Futures

“Jeff is one of the most detailed instructors and a dynamic teacher ”

Boston, MA Futures

“Being a CPA, I was critical at first because I have a different mindset about trading. I came with an open mind and quickly realized that I can actually supplemental income while managing my funds. Core Strategy is the ultimate eye opener and reinforced my vision of actually managing my own risk in relation to my retirement funds and make extra income. If I fail, I have nobody to blame but myself because OTA has all the resources at my disposal from actual training to XLT etc. to actually help you be a successful trader. ”

Irvine, CA Futures

“OTA is a highly professional organization that delivers exactly what they advertise! You will learn, you will practice your education, you will implement your new found skills and knowledge, and you will have coach and a support staff available to you throughout your entire journey! Tracy D. Rabon Charlotte NC”

Charlotte, NC Personal Trading Plan

“Learning to trade options is time well spent. ”

Phoenix, AZ Options

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