For more than 20 years, OTA has been dedicated to financial education and we are tireless in our mission to enrich lives worldwide with exceptional trading and investing education. Throughout the world we offer our students an interactive learning environment as well as resources tailored to the areas of study that best align with their trading style, preferred asset classes and learning objectives.

OTA’s Ongoing Commitment to Financial Education

We proudly employ a dedicated team of experienced instructors, each seasoned by their own market experiences and trained by us to teach trading and investing strategies grounded in Online Trading Academy’s Core Strategy. These individuals have one common goal in mind: to help students learn to understand both the fundamentals and the advanced techniques necessary to trade with the skill, confidence and competence of professional traders.

Students Love OTA

Online Trading Academy maintains high marks on student reviews because at OTA, we emphasize the importance of all aspects of the trade; including choosing an asset class and trading style, developing a trading plan, understanding trader psychology and the importance of risk management. Add to that the student support and available online resources and it’s easy to see why many students say they never feel alone in their trading journey. It’s this ongoing commitment to excellence and educational growth that keeps students coming to OTA.

Online Trading Academy Student Reviews

We are constantly looking for ways to enhance the student experience and empower students to meet their educational goals. This is why students are asked to review Online Trading Academy following every asset class, in the form of a survey. The cumulative ratings and individual comments below are taken from these Online Trading Academy reviews from both on-location and online asset classes.

Online Trading Academy

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Based on 196,701 reviews

“OTA gives the career that many are looking for. We all want to travel the world, do our hobbies, and not worry about finances. Through Online Trading Academy’s resources and guidance, this is surely possible! ~Christina Morice ”

Irvine, CA Core Strategy Class

“The advanced class was an excellent opportunity to advance my trading skills and I feel a lot more confident in moving forward to the next level of trading.”

UK Forex

“What sets OTA apart is not only its Core Strategy method of Technical [Stock Chart] Analysis but the continual proliferation of its online resources and the community which is built among its instructors and students. OTA leaves no student behind. Daniel Ruperto Medford NY”

New York, NY ProActive Investor

“Steve Moses made understanding the various options straight forth and enjoyable with his analogies and humor. The days just flew by. Ron Huegel”

Philadelphia, PA Options

“I found OTA has top of the line instructors. Concern with your education and success. Practice with paper money. Send trades to instructors for review. ”

Philadelphia, PA Options

“Great class and very informative. The teacher, Steve Moses, was a natural teacher/presenter and made things very easy to follow. I'll never look at another bag of doritos the same way again. :-) ”

Philadelphia, PA Options

“Online Trading Academy was a pleasant surprise. Attending the workshop was great and once the orientation was completed I saw the potential of this learning. It is very exciting to start on this journey and it is something i will will continue to develop because i see that this could lead me to financial freedom. This FOREX class that i attended was fantastic. The class was at a good pace. The instructor (Quetin) is very knowledgeable in the topic. His delivery of the points in FOREX was great, as he compared things in everyday life that made the light bulb go off and stuck with you. I would recommend tis school to anyone trying to become financially independent. ”

Atlanta, GA Forex

“I come to know much more which is unknown Before.Very we’ll satisfy with instructo. All students were mix in nature and cooperative Each other.Staff member on this location was Cooperative as well.Over all that was easy going Knowledgeable and smooth ever before.Thanks to All......Kirit Patel”

Philadelphia, PA Options

“Our instructor (Tom Joyce) is very knowledgeable, and gives over the information in a clear simple way”

New York, NY ProActive Investor

“Online Trading Academy has given me dreams and a way to achieve the goals that everyday life has failed to do. With the skills that I have learned I hope to open an new way of life for me and my family.”

San Jose, CA Forex

“This was a great start to my financial career. The whole program is very professional and polished. I am continually awed at how much OTA provides in terms of support and education. From the personal assistance to all the online resources, and all life-time access. I feel I will be supported for as long as I need. ”

Sacramento, CA Core Strategy Class

“Tom Joyce was a phenomenal instructor as he was clear in delivery and provided the proper examples for easier understanding and application. It was much appreciated esp. as a new trader. Thank you Tom!”

New York, NY ProActive Investor

“If you want to learn options this is what you want to do. Get the details, learn the steps, good support to help implement the steps and provide guidance. ”

Scottsdale, AZ Options

“This program has been the best investment in Me! I know I have some work to do, but for the first time in a long while, I feel like I'm not at the mercy of chance. Shelia M Farmer”

Irvine, CA Core Strategy Class

“Best decision I have done, now i can manage my investment and take control of my future, no more guessing. ”

Irvine, CA Core Strategy Class

“I am very happy at the fact the instructor was always approachable and willing to assist you with any questions or concerns you have.”

New York, NY Forex

“Sue O'Grady is a great instructor, she is extremely knowledgeable of the asset program taught.”

Detroit, MI Options

“Mr. Tim is very knowegblle on subject”

Irvine, CA Forex

“Excellent training and really appreciate the family atmosphere”

Irvine, CA Core Strategy Class

“Information was extraordinary and Sal was an awesome Instructor !”

West Palm Beach, FL ProActive Investor

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