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Students who attend our classes at any of our centers worldwide complete surveys at the end of each class and may also add comments. The cumulative ratings and individual comments are taken from these surveys.

Online Trading Academy

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“Core Strategy by OTA and Paul Itterly was Outstanding information. The instructor used his personal experience combined with proven Core Strategy skills to make learning easy to follow. He slowed the pace down so that everyone could comprehend, also while giving advanced learners the opportunity to move forward with they'er learning. Great Job Paul! Robert F. OTA Student”

Charlotte, NC Core Strategy Class

“I love to go there because I learned something new always. Mimi”

Boston, MA Forex

“Wonderful Job.”

New York, NY Signature Series: Riding the Wave


Atlanta, GA Platform Immersion Part 1

“I truly enjoyed the Instructor Greg. He was very motivated, and excited to be teaching the OTA students, and that is always inspiring to Trader's, when we are learning about our profession.”

Ft. Lauderdale, FL Personal Trading Plan

“When you live from paycheck to paycheck, grinding out 60 to 70 hrs a week there is no forward motion. If you see yourself doing that until you retire-if you retire- and a stagnant 401K you won't feel comfortable. OTA is offering me the tools to proceed toward a comfortable retirement and a stable family. I'll never be able to thank you guys enough....”

Tampa Bay, FL Core Strategy Class

“Attending Online Academy was like finding a hidden treasure which I have long anticipated. It is a dream come true and I am positive my life will never be the same again. As a teacher by profession I am impressed by the methods and approach of teaching skills, execellent communication and professionalism. A++ Eunice Bosea ”

New Jersey - North TradeStation Quickstart

“I feel very very lucky to have been able to attend class at OTA. I gained more from this class week than I did in 4 years of college. Truly life changing. ”

Kansas City Core Strategy Class

“Online Trading Academy is the true financial academy that deals with the every tiny details. In the extreme volatile market, it teaches us how to approach the market with rules based strategy. And it works in the real market. The other fundamental things is reward to risk ratio. Even if i lose the couple of trade and wining one trade still i will generate the profit or will be in the break even point. That's a magnificent strategy. Chudamani Sapkota (Gopal).”

San Jose, CA Core Strategy Class

“absolutely gives me a better shot at being successful.”

Seattle, WA Futures

“Jerry was is by far such an amazing trainer! Jerry was able to break down complex formulas to the simplest from. I am so grateful for the commrodary and the attention he offers to each student. I appreciate the staff for always making this envirmoent amazing! ”

Baltimore, MD Futures

“user friendly lots of time to execute what we learn very pleasant easy atmosphere”

Tampa Bay, FL Core Strategy Class

“Great class. The six step process is very detailed and made to keep you on track. I'm looking forward to getting home and taking more lessons and practicing. Brenda Dietsch”

Kansas City Core Strategy Class

“Jody's class was an "exceptional" experience! He made learning different concepts fun.”

Los Angeles - Westwood, CA Forex

“Truly appreciate the fact that we can retake and continue learning - I really see the ability to be able to trade options a way to trade”

Milwaukee, WI Options

“I have a new way to read the chart and determine zones powerful for my trading and trading plan”

Atlanta, GA Futures

“ Excited about applying this knowledge. Well taught!”

Dallas, TX Core Strategy Class

“Definitely worth the time and money. I cant wait until I trade live! Susan Skala”

Chicago, IL Forex

“I was not sure what to expect heading in to Core Strategy but Brock and Lily are fantastic and were more than willing to help with any question that i had. I appreciated the matter of fact approach to the process, and the way that Brock addressed me personally, being on the level that i was on. ”

Dallas, TX Core Strategy Class

“Blaize Evans They were very caring and helpful. Whenever I had a question it was answered quickly and clearly. Great staff and teachers. I would definitely recommend this class to anyone who is interested in the market but has not idea where to start like I did. Thank you Online Trading Academy.”

Kansas City Core Strategy Class

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