For more than 20 years, OTA has been dedicated to financial education and we are tireless in our mission to enrich lives worldwide with exceptional trading and investing education. Throughout the world we offer our students an interactive learning environment as well as resources tailored to the areas of study that best align with their trading style, preferred asset classes and learning objectives.

OTA’s Ongoing Commitment to Financial Education

We proudly employ a dedicated team of experienced instructors, each seasoned by their own market experiences and trained by us to teach trading and investing strategies grounded in Online Trading Academy’s Core Strategy. These individuals have one common goal in mind: to help students learn to understand both the fundamentals and the advanced techniques necessary to trade with the skill, confidence and competence of professional traders.

Students Love OTA

Online Trading Academy maintains high marks on student reviews because at OTA, we emphasize the importance of all aspects of the trade; including choosing an asset class and trading style, developing a trading plan, understanding trader psychology and the importance of risk management. Add to that the student support and available online resources and it’s easy to see why many students say they never feel alone in their trading journey. It’s this ongoing commitment to excellence and educational growth that keeps students coming to OTA.

Online Trading Academy Student Reviews

We are constantly looking for ways to enhance the student experience and empower students to meet their educational goals. This is why students are asked to review Online Trading Academy following every asset class, in the form of a survey. The cumulative ratings and individual comments below are taken from these Online Trading Academy reviews from both on-location and online asset classes.

Online Trading Academy

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Based on 195,108 reviews

“Gabe was Great!”

Irvine, CA Personal Trading Plan

“Gabe is a master trader with invaluable information and insight...His insight and explanations are unparalleled. And he gives the information to you straight up (no sugar coating) which means you get actionable information. He is enjoyable and keeps the class engaged. But most of all I know that I am leaving the class with new strategies that will enhance my trading skills to a whole new level.”

Irvine, CA Personal Trading Plan

“Gabe has a way of getting the message of simple, practice, learn to see pattern and develop process. He is really consistency with message! ”

Irvine, CA Personal Trading Plan

“Explanations of the different segments required was very helpful.”

Irvine, CA Personal Trading Plan

“The OTA would be great for those with some knowledge of trend, zone, and over all market technical trading skill helping being successful sooner. A novice with limite finanical resources should really think hard about signing up for OTA if you have limited resources. But, if you do sign up, learn the rules asap to put you in a better positon for success. That would give the person a leg up.”

San Jose, CA Core Strategy Class

“Excellent ! I wish the course was like this when I had first taken it 10 years ago . Nice and streamlined . Buy low , sell high ; rinse and repeat . Trade On , Joe Nagy”

New Jersey - North Core Strategy Class

“Thank you”

Toronto, Canada Core Strategy Class

“My name is Henry Moody the program is good playing the stock market with strategy in investing in your education future.”

Baltimore, MD Core Strategy Class

“Ethan is extremely patient instructor and takes the time to answer questions and holds the class at a good pace making sure everyone understood the lessons. I believe I got the tools and direction I need to better manage my retirement accounts and reach my financial goals . Ethan provided additional tools and work processes/flows to really aid in the understanding and practice necessary for PAI. ~ Brent Tripp ”

Raleigh, NC ProActive Investor

“My stock trading experience is very limited, this OTA class/instructor taught me to further expand my knowledge/understanding of the stocks and trading world. Really enjoyed our instructor and all the OTA staff is wonderful, friendly and helpful.”

Houston, TX Core Strategy Class

“I have been involved with On Line Trading Academy for approximately 9 months. I have found the education that I have received truly enlightening and informative. There have been many "AHA" moments during all the asset courses I have taken. I have benefited from many of these. Richard R. Ronde ”

Long Island, NY Forex

“very informative and well done”

Los Angeles - Westwood, CA Core Strategy Class

“The program has taught me more about market and how it operates.”

Scottsdale, AZ Core Strategy Class

“I only wished I would have known about it program sooner. The information provided is a real life changer. I'm glad I took the opportunity to participate in this program.”

Los Angeles - Westwood, CA Core Strategy Class

“There isn't enough room in this box to express how grateful I am for our instructor David Warner. His experience in the industry gives us so much real valuable practical and executable information. I appreciate core strategy and his approach to it just enhances it. ( mostly from question 2)”

Long Island, NY Forex

“This class is the most easier to learn compare to the rest of the asset class.”

San Diego, CA Forex

“Taking Forex with OTA was a fun and highly educational experience. Jack Phillips”

San Diego, CA Forex

“The Professional Forex Trader class at OTA is very educational, the instructor is full of knowledge and very professional and very informative, not to mention that he proofed himself to be a good trader.”

Irvine, CA Forex

“The program caught our interest by it's unique features wherein as long as you learn and follow the fundamental skills and strategies taught and you regularly do it (by actively trading) it provides you with very good income potential that allows you flexibility in being able to do it anywhere in the world (you just need a good internet connection) and with half the amount of time we need to put in (it will allow us to cut our current working hours to half) which means being able to live a better quality of life for as long as we want, more time with family and loved ones, more time to pursue other passions i.e. travel ”

Toronto, Canada Core Strategy Class

“If you want to learn to trade, look no further, OTA!”

Austin, TX Forex

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