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At Online Trading Academy, we are very proud of the satisfaction ratings and reviews that we receive from our students. The ratings and reviews come from students who have joined the academy and taken our education program courses on-location in our centers, and across different asset classes. It is our #1 relentless commitment to do everything we can in support of our students. We emphasize the importance of all aspects of the trade; including choosing an asset class and trading style, developing a trading plan, understanding trader psychology and the importance of risk management. Combined with the student support and available online resources, it’s easy to see why many students say they never feel alone in their trading journey. It’s this ongoing relentless commitment to excellence and educational growth that keeps students coming to OTA. We also have a relentless commitment to transparency, so these post class survey ratings are uploaded on a real time basis weekly to our website unfiltered and below are the cumulative ratings so far.

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“Thoroughly enjoyed the Forex classes and the appropriate examples presented during the class. Cherian has certainly increased my curiosity and interest in wanting to explore the forex market. I am now looking forward to sharpen my knowledge and trading skills by utilizing this wonderful platform provided by OTA .”

Dubai, UAE Professional Forex Trader - Dubai

“Alex Perna in my opinion is one of the best forex teachers ive had. Explained most things very well and i do like his trading style. By core strategy and using the six steps and keep it simple. Thank you Alex for this week in Kansas city center ”

Kansas City Forex

“I felt taking the FOREX Class with Alex Perna that I was getting closer to being able to trade on my own. His approach is simple and direct. I like simple a direct. I will watch his Sunday XLTs for sure.”

Kansas City Forex

“I loved learning about options. I am very excited to implement the strategies and suggestions made in this class into my trades. This by far has been the best class I haven taken at OTA. I highly recommend the instructor, Greg. Options are the Jam and I love that there are so many more variables to figure out than basic direction. This game sounds amazing to play and after Greg seemed so enthusiastic about options is has made me want to strive to understand it more.”

Denver, CO Options

“Class was great. Learn a great deal. ”

Denver, CO Options

“Bob is an Amazng teacher. I would take his class over and over again. as there is always more to learn from him”

Ft. Lauderdale, FL Signature Series: Riding the Wave

“Truly a great course. As a novice to trading, the educational support is phenomenal and of a high standard. Great to see a training path forward with the tools and resources availabble on the OTA platform as well as the incredible support from fellow students and instructors - Digby (UK)”

New York, NY Signature Series: Fabulous Forex

“I enjoyed this program, but would not recommend with out at least core and Forex, possibly Futures also. Forex is complex.”

New York, NY Signature Series: Fabulous Forex

“Was great to refresh on the theory”

New York, NY Signature Series: Fabulous Forex

“Bob is an amazing instructor!! He takes time to answer all questions. ”

West Palm Beach, FL Signature Series: Riding the Wave

“Hi, my name is J. Del Rio. This class alone gave me great insight into what to expect of the trading business. I am now very eager to take my next course and see what more I can learn to become a successful trader. ”

Atlanta, GA Personal Trading Plan

“I would recommend everyone to take this class. IT is a very good program and helpful to all traders.”

Chicago, IL Personal Trading Plan

“I have taken the FOREX class twice and am at least at a point where I feel I can now go live with an account. I have a ways to go but am confident, due to the teaching process that my goals are attainable.”

Denver, CO Forex

“Nikki really knows what she is teaching. She follows the Core Strategy for the Forex and shows it in a way that even I can understand. She explains important topics so I can make sense of that topic. She is perfectly delightful and anyone who is blessed with being able to take her class should consider themselves fortunate. She is down to earth in her teaching and understandable.”

Denver, CO Forex

“Nikki is so attuned to the several learning methods it is valuable taking her classes.”

Denver, CO Forex

“Nikki knows Forex and teaches it very well.”

Denver, CO Forex

“Tom Colavecchio I enjoyed the program, as being involved in a "live" and interactive setting / atmosphere, helped bring across some concepts for me that I was having a bit of difficulty with when using the previously recorded XLT's sessions.”

Ft. Lauderdale, FL Forex

“Tim P. Is a great instructor keeps class on point.”

Minneapolis, MN Forex

“I'm a repeater on Forex and now I finally understand how it is being conducted.”

Irvine, CA Forex

“Tim Pesut is an awesome teacher who really understands the ForEx market and how the various markets are correlated. ”

Minneapolis, MN Forex
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