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Students who attend our classes at any of our centers worldwide complete surveys at the end of each class and may also add comments. The cumulative ratings and individual comments are taken from these surveys.

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“Jody walks his talk by trading in real time during class while presenting his material-- and the market follows his predictions! That gives me confidence that I can be successful following the rules. --Eric Wolf”

West Palm Beach, FL Forex

“I Phil Turner feel that online trading academy supply's you with all the necessary tools to understand how to become a successful disciplined risk management trader with unlimited support at your disposal and the beauty of it all its for life.”

Washington DC Core Strategy Class

“Anyone interested in knowing about trading, Stocks, Forex, Futures, Options or want to know and prepare for retirement in a fast moving world. Don't be a Novice, learn before you leap.”

Atlanta, GA Futures

“Taking the he Options Program was one of the best decisions I have made in a long time. Tim the instructor was incredible and I can't say enough to praise him for his commitment and dedication to the students. Now I know that choosing OTA was the best investment I could've made for my investment learning path. All the teachers and support are A+++ Juan Martinez ”

Toronto, Canada Options

“He made the information very easy to understand and something we can relate to in everyday life.”

Irvine, CA Forex

“Chris was excellent at breaking things down and adding his own techniques. He's helped me bridge some previous lessons into the Futures portion of my trading plan. Thanks!”

Vancouver, Canada Futures

“kareem was really awesome helping us on everything ,Jody and kereem teach me how to follow the rules now i read the chart know my direction when to get inside the trade and make profit. money, money thanks a lot (jody, kareem) best team on OTA thank you Frank to put me with the best teacher on the world. anthonymoney”

West Palm Beach, FL Forex

“I loved both the Core and Futures Classes.”

Kansas City Futures

“I loved the way that the instructor went into details on all subject matter and helped us filter the noise and zero in on what's important.”

Boston, MA Futures

“Not yet. I need to actually put what I've learned to the test and make some money.”

Kansas City Futures

“This was the best week of my life!!! This will change how I make money for the rest of my life. I know have the tools to take control of my future financially. I can't put into words how impactful jody was to me this week. The knowledge from jody is worth its weight in gold. I feel honored to have been here... Daniel Toro ”

West Palm Beach, FL Forex

“The Core Strategy class with Cherian Mathews was a great way for me to learn as a new trader. He is very knowledgeable and was able to teach the Core Strategy with ease. I am leaving feeling more confident about my knowledge and ability to embark upon this new trading journey. DeVita King Sept 2018”

Dubai, UAE Core Strategy Part 2 - Dubai

“Every asset class I have taken has very good instructors. I highly recommend this Academy to all who want to learn the best ways to trade the markets.”

Atlanta, GA Options

“I am still struggling with order placing. If the trade works out as I hope, I will recommend family and friends”

Norwalk, CT Core Strategy Class

“This class gave me all the skills to become a successful trader. The online videos were great, but the classroom training was awesome. I can't wait to begin the Futures training program. You literally have to be in this class to see how incredible the system is.”

Denver, CO Core Strategy Class

“Someone was able to patent a system to identify supply and demand in the market (patent granted, not pending) and they offered to sell it to me. With OTA I was able to invest in a level playing field! That's magical to me! ”

Denver, CO Core Strategy Class

“The first thing I noticed was the framed sign: "This was absolutely tremendous for someone who knows nothing about the stock market or trading!" Y. Cuetera. That was me! ALL the instructors were positive and encouraging to move Newbie Me forward. This emotional piece boosted my self-confidence. The Pre-essentials and online sessions prepared me with terminology.concepts, etc. so I did not walk in "cold" my first day. By the last day, I was able to TRADE LIVE on my own! Amazing! ”

Denver, CO Core Strategy Class

“Truly a blessing to get in this class and learned a lot.”

Seattle, WA Options

“Great Instruction and support is provided during and after courses. Makes the learning curve short and gets us on to successfully live trading as long as we implement the |"Rules OTA has developed"”

Minneapolis, MN Forex

“Bill Henner is the best teacher ever. He is really Professional. I love this class”

Irvine, CA Futures

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