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The Future of Futures: An OTA/CME Event of Epic Proportion!

On May 15th, Online Trading Academy partnered with CME Group, the world’s largest and most diverse derivatives marketplace, to announce the integration of CME’s new product, Micro E-mini futures with OTA’s new proprietary, educational, analysis and trading interface CliK!

Over 600 OTA students, staff, and CME representatives attended the event in Irvine, California. “This was such a terrific event – one of the largest gatherings of OTA students in our 22-year history!” Says Gene Longobardi, OTA’s Chief Operating Officer. "Attendees were treated to time with instructors, an exciting presentation on the new Micro E-mini futures product from David Lerman, Sr. Director of Education for CME Group, and the highlights of the event, a demo of CliK and Eyal sharing his vision for CliK.”

Students who attended the event got to hear representatives from both CME and OTA share the features of their new products and how they will work together to provide education and new opportunities for investing in the derivatives market.

“We have all the Micro E-mini contracts already available inside of Clik,” says Mark Grieco, OTA’s Senior Director of Platform Development.

That includes S & P 500, Nasdaq-100, Russell 2000 and the Dow Jones Industrial Average Index Futures.

“Prior to the new Micro E-mini launch, futures trading and investing was often out of reach for the new retail client. This new CME Group product creates a great opportunity, not only for OTA students, but for traders and prospective traders all over the world, to take advantage of the many benefits provided by the futures markets.” adds Grieco.

The New Micro E-mini Futures

The new Micro E-mini futures provides the same benefits of E-mini futures but in smaller sized contracts giving traders a less expensive way to access equity index futures markets. In addition, they are 1/10th the size of classic E-mini contracts and require less cash to enter the market with lower margins.

History of the Futures Market

Originally, the futures markets were designed to connect real producers and end-users of raw commodities. Market participants would buy or sell futures contracts to be able to lock in set prices at a particular date in the future. That’s why they're called ‘futures’ contracts. The larger contracts have generally leaned more towards the institutional business of professional traders.

A Game Changer

The new Micro E-mini changes all this, opening opportunities to traders everywhere.

The futures markets today have evolved into a global, electronic marketplace for not only agricultural goods, but also for currencies, metals, energy and financial instruments such as Treasury bonds and stock index futures. Both producers and end-users continue to use the futures markets, however all types of investors and traders access the commodity and financial futures markets to hedge and speculate.

“Working together with the CME is an ideal collaboration,” says Grieco. “Furthering Online Trading Academy’s relationship with them, engaging in different kinds of events together, and supporting each other with the possibility to develop further, more advanced education on futures with their products is great for them and great for our students. It's a good fit.”

Students who attended the event will receive access to CliK and the new Core Strategy on Demand class coming soon.