What is Blended Learning?

At Online Trading Academy, we have been teaching students trading and investing for over two decades. So, we’ve learned a thing or two about “effective learning” and how to teach strategies to help you trade with confidence.

We know that how you learn is just as important as what you learn. That’s why we offer multiple ways of consuming your education, using an effective teaching model called “blended learning.”

At OTA, you control how you learn. Do you prefer to attend class in a more traditional environment in a physical classroom at your local center? You can do that! Or do you prefer to attend a live online class in a virtual classroom? You can do that as well! Or, perhaps you prefer to watch self-paced videos that you can view at any time – day or night – on your schedule? Well, you can do that, too!

All these ways to learn are available to you here at OTA. You can focus on just one way to learn…or “blend” them together in a combination that works best for you, your schedule, and your life.

We understand that with so much incredible education at your fingertips, you might want to repeat a lesson, a class, or even an entire course. That’s why your education at OTA has been designed for lifelong education – with lifetime access! Yes, lifetime. Learning is a process that never ends…and repetition is the key to mastery. When you join the Academy, you can take nearly all your classes in any one of our worldwide locations or attend your classes online (whether live or on-demand) as many times as you’d like.

Knowing that you have lifelong education with lifetime access and retakes can give you the confidence to develop your skills beyond OTA’s proprietary Core Strategy. OTA provides education on the complete landscape of financial markets, known as “Asset Classes.” These asset classes currently consist of Stocks & ETFs, Futures, Foreign Exchange (also known as Forex or just FX), Cryptocurrency, and Options. Our desire is for you to have a comprehensive understanding of all asset classes and be able to trade these markets using Core Strategy, with confidence and skill.

At Online Trading Academy, you get your trading and investing education in the way that you prefer, that fits your schedule, and with lifelong access. Isn’t this the way that all education should be?