What are the next steps in my OTA journey?

Just like you, I joined OTA as a student and experienced the same range of emotions. Now it is time to start your journey with OTA. Understanding your next steps is an important part of your education and the start of this exciting endeavor. Your student support manager will be your main contact in assisting you through your education. Let's review your first steps at OTA.


New students can join a weekly live online student orientation session where the orientation process is reviewed in a virtual classroom.  The first step is to complete the Student Orientation tutorials. These recorded lessons review OTA resources. Understanding available resources is an important step in your educational journey.


Secondly, new students should register for a Core Strategy class. The Core Strategy classes are offered online or in center. You will gain access to Core Strategy Pre-Essentials after registering for a live Core Strategy class. Core Strategy On Demand is a viable option for students unable to attend a live core strategy class. Discuss your availability, center and online class calendars with your Student Support Specialist. These factors will determine how you start the Core Strategy curriculum. 


Core Strategy Pre-Essentials will be your first step in learning the core strategy process. These recorded tutorials will review steps of Core Strategy in short lessons. Pre-Essentials are built to expose you to concepts before attending a live class; these lessons are only available when you are registered for a live class. Core Strategy Pre-Essentials are a prerequisite for attending a live Core Strategy class.


Lastly, schedule a class Prep Day. These classes are offered online and in some centers. The class Prep Day will prepare you for the live Core Strategy class and review the CliK Platform. During class, students who are eligible for CliK access may obtain a personal CliK login. 


Learning is a process. Following these defined steps will be helpful when starting at OTA. These steps are important to building a solid foundation and understanding of OTA education. We are all excited in your decision to join the academy. Welcome to the OTA family.