Futures Markets in the Grid 

Online Trading Academy has now expanded the number of Futures Markets serviced by the powerful Supply and Demand Grid Tool provided to OTA Mastermind Members. Mastermind Community is the highest echelon community for OTA students. Three popular markets requested by Mastermind members consisting of Platinum, British Pound and Wheat are now added to the previously existing 18 markets, bringing the total Futures Markets included in the Grid service to 21 markets. The current markets contained in “The Grid” are the significant world markets that are commonly traded by banks and institutions,” said Todd Davis, Director of Portfolio Services. Todd continues with, “It is so important for us to listen to our Mastermind member’s voice as it is key in helping to chart our product roadmap for not only the Grid but other Mastermind tools and services.”

The Grid expansion continues with the addition of 6 Micro Futures markets.  Micro Futures has recently been introduced to the broad Futures industry and are designed for the purpose of lowering the bar for more traders to participate in the Futures Markets. Keeping pace with the Futures industry, OTA’s addition of Micro Futures includes Nasdaq, S&P, Russell, Dow, Gold and Euro, providing a variety of Futures trading opportunities for our students.

These newly added Futures markets (27 in total) along with the other Grid markets (13 ETF markets, and 10 Forex markets), plus the Dollar Index (DXY) market, now provide 51 total markets for our Mastermind Community students.

Todd Davis concludes by saying, “These enhancements along with the addition of the Grid integrated in OTA’s trading analysis technology, CliK is another example of our continued commitment to our students.”