What is Compass?

Compass is the real core of what education is about at OTA.  It is a comprehensive plan designed to facilitate each student’s personal learning journey. 

It combines the elements of support, resources, and events, which help guide students on their educational pathways; always serving as a guide to know where the student has been, where a student is, and what are the next steps

Compass reveals 3 interwoven pathways of adult learning, we refer to as  IQ, EQ, and YQ:

We are all familiar with IQ. The knowledge you build in any profession, but it still applies in trading and investing. Here at OTA, we are constantly helping students build their IQ, in foundational classes, asset classes, XLTs, and Learning Labs. All designed to feed a student’s IQ. 

When our students begin their education and develop trading skills, especially live trading skills, they have to learn to manage emotion or their  EQ. We plan on bringing you more resources to help manage your emotions.


YQ is the backbone of the Compass journey. It is about motivation, defining the “why” for waking up at 4:30 am PT to attend a GPS or XLT session or reaching a personal financial or educational goal.  Everyone’s “why” is different, but itis what drives all of us to achieve more. It is what keeps us going when things get tough. It becomes your personal WHY.

Watch for Compass sessions coming your way soon.