Whole LOTA Love

Wayne Citron

The third Saturday of every month, rain or shine, cold or hot, my wife and I host a hot lunch for over 100 people right out on the street in Austin, a very poor crime infested area of Chicago. These people are poor, hungry and in the winter often freezing. We serve fried chicken with a side dish, and a take home package loaded with fruit, sandwiches, chips and cookies. Naturally, water and coffee are also served. Sometimes soup and chili. You get the picture. We work side by side with an organization called, “The Night Ministry”, and their trailer is there to supply modest medical services and personal hygiene kits. Through Kris’s enthusiasm we have had two families pick up 2 Saturdays a month, so people are being served 3 out of every 4 Saturdays. We hope to fill up the last opening shortly. We all do what we can.