The Spirit of B-Corp

In the spirit of B-Corp the Irvine Center has been an amazing Force for Good, and the results can be felt throughout the whole company.

  • Since June 2016, Irvine has been measuring what matters with regards to compostable items purchased from a local Irvine family owned business.
  • Since January 2017, Irvine moved from Arrowhead to a local Newport Beach family owned water supplier.
  • Since June 2017, the Irvine Center has been measuring what matters with World Trade Printing who takes back all boxes, bubble wrap, packaging paper, etc. and re-uses them.
  • The Irvine Center also orders most of their office supplies from another B-Corporation Give something Back
  • And, they are proud to add yet another B-Corporation, Thanksgiving Coffee for their organic, fair trade coffee to their list of socially responsible suppliers.

Thank you, Irvine for making a difference in the world.