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The First Student Support Specialist Summit a Huge Success!

On the third of June, we had our first Student Support Summit. The goal of the summit was to bring some of the top Student Support Specialists across the network together and collaborate on the student journey. Each Student Support Specialist was carefully handpicked by? the franchise support team with special care to make sure a variety of small centers, big centers, and everyone in between were represented. 

The Summit turned out to be an amazing opportunity to compare notes, see what's currently working at centers and what needs improvement, as well as discuss certain challenges the Support Team, and the students are facing. In this way, we can start putting together resources and building practices that better support both the Student Support Team and the students.

It was an eye-opening experience to see that many of our centers are doing similar things to support our students. It doesn't matter if you're in Boston, Irvine or Atlanta, students have a similar experience across the network. They're doing Tech Tuesdays, Core Strategy reviews, and graduate events, for example, to help support the students and reinforce what they have learned.

The knowledge we gained from the Summit helps us to design and implement new and better strategies and practices, as well as drive new initiatives. Some of these initiatives are as follows:

  1. First, because our students come from many different backgrounds—some are extremely knowledgeable in the markets and already have trading experience, others have never traded before, some have extensive computer experience, others do not—we would like to give the students more tools and resources to help bridge these gaps. 
  1. Secondly, we also plan to offer an optional opportunity for Student Support Specialists to learn and grow. This program will include reviewing the markets, giving them tools to help support students with the Six Steps of Core Strategy, for example, and instructions and guidance on how to best utilize the trade plan.
  1. Last but not least, we will be creating more On Demand Content, and tools to help lift-up our students and keep them moving forward on their journey.

We are super excited about these new initiatives and will continue to keep you up to date on our progress.