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Sean Reed Preview: Slow down and focus on what’s important.

Instructor Sean Reed has been actively trading equities for nearly 20 years. Coming from the traditional banking industry, Sean wanted to get into a career that had more of an edge, something with limitless opportunities. He came across an article online about day trading which sparked his curiosity and prompted him to make the life changing leap that would eventually create his family-oriented freedom down the line.

Sean began knocking on doors in Los Angeles until he landed the opportunity to become a licensed propriety trader. Though it wasn’t easy, Sean at first attempted to learn how to trade on his own before realizing that he needed a more solid foundation. He eventually sought mentorship which helped things “click” and vastly improved his trading skills.

Having established himself, Sean had the opportunity to move to Scottsdale, AZ to supervise a trading floor with 25 traders where he continued to work, trade, guide, and mentor for 10 years. After which, he moved back to California to start a family in Belmont Shore and now lives with his wife and two sons near Lake Tahoe in northern California, where they inhabit a fertile 5 acres flourishing with several species of fruit trees and vineyards.

Trading has allowed Sean to provide for his family in a peaceful and spacious country life. Not only has trading provided the finances to support this livelihood, but most importantly it’s allowed Sean the time to spend focusing on what truly matters.

With four tree swings, a chicken coop, and plenty of land to roam, Sean wants to make sure their home feels like a big, welcoming playground. This summer, he built a dirt track that loops around his property complete with lots of exciting turns and jumps. Sean and his sons have a blast BMX biking the track together, which is constructed with the utmost safety in mind as he used 17 semi-trucks to import non-organic and thoroughly sifted dirt to prevent any major injuries from taking place. Click here to learn more about Sean!

Pictured below: photos of Sean Reed's family enjoying the summer season.