Instructor Profile - Steve Suminski

Options instructor Steve Suminski’s trading spark began with his father, who was always fascinated with trading. He passed that fascination onto Steve, who traded tech stocks on the side while initially working in the semiconductor business.  Steve was an early adopter by trading online in the early 1990s, using a slow dial-up modem and a Prodigy account.

Steve was doing okay until the dot-com tech bubble burst in 2000, and he realized he needed a way to be successful in any market.  That's when he found his passion in options trading. Excited and determined to try out this new path, he sought education around options trading which became Steve's door into the world of full-time trading.

He also discovered his potential for helping others learn.  He became an instructor and found that teaching came very naturally to him, discovering a valuable skill that he could use to impact the lives of others. He was always intrigued with a good learning environment and one could see that Steve plans to be a lifelong learner. "Trading makes me a better teacher, and teaching makes me a better trader," is one of Steve's commonly used phrases, as he feels that in order to be an effective teacher he must also continue to constantly learn from others.

After 28 years of trading experience, Steve has two words of wisdom that he wishes he could teach his younger self: risk management. His young self was an aggressive investor and charged headlong into real estate at exactly the wrong time.  Thankfully, Steve's hungry learning spirit has gotten him through those rough times.

Steve is driven by his influence as a trading instructor to share everything he has learned the hard way so that others can find their own learning groove. "It's about helping people. I want to be multiplying force for good as an enabler for people."