NYPD Detective Turned Trader

Sometimes when we tackle new things in life, intimidation steps right up to the forefront of our efforts and induces fear, hesitation, and doubt. Learning new skills can be extremely overwhelming, especially when those skills take indefinite amounts of practice and discipline.

New York based instructor Bobbie Sheils can empathize, as she began her trading journey as an OTA student herself. Bobbie knows that people often become overwhelmed when they begin to analyze a chart. By instinct, she knows that we tend to revert to what we know best.

As a retired NYPD detective, following her law enforcement tactics were paramount in staying safe. When approaching trading, she follows the rules to help prevent large losses. In this sense, Bobbie incorporated what she knew best into analyzing the charts. When Bobbie views the charts she listens to what the price action tells her; utilizing time frames to gather evidence and remove any bias by following the Core Strategy process to seek out trades on her side, or in her former world, to solve the crime.

Bobbie’s bottom line approach in both trading and solving crime is to follow the tactics and evaluate the evidence.