Whole LOTA Love

Putting Her Heart into Trading!

Students who have had the pleasure of being taught by London based instructor Louise Carr know what a privilege it is to be in her class. Louise understands the student experience, for she was once an OTA student and is herself a product of OTA. Not only does Louise bring many years of successful trading experience to the classroom, but she also comes from a professional background in financial services and humanizes her lectures with inspiring anecdotes of how trading has changed her life.

Louise thrives in being an active member of her community, which trading helps her to achieve. Reporting to no one but herself, she finds ample time to focus on her many hobbies and interests, which include quality family time, gardening, home improvement, disadvantaged animal care, and entrepreneurship. She has a knack for helping and supporting those in need, and considers herself very fortunate to be able to do so. 

A highly involved individual, Louise puts her heart into everything she does and considers herself a lifelong learner. Click here to find out more about Louise!