Lewis Hill

I saw bikes on sale at REI for a year end clearance. So, I bought a mountain bike and signed up for their classes—maintenance for fixing flat tires, chains, and basic mountain biking. In the last couple of years, I’ve biked around the local parks like Peter’s Canyon and Crystal Cove. I’ve also been to Lake Tahoe and Monterey. It’s nice to have a destination. Mountain biking gets me out and about, away from work and life. I am not doing extreme mountain biking, but I have dumped the bike once or twice. When you are riding, you really have to focus. Whether you are going up hill or downhill, if you lose focus you are going to take a spill. It is a discipline—a physical and mental discipline—which is different than I am used to doing. You have to watch the rocks, the trails, the sand, and be aware of the different environments. You have to navigate the terrain. They say you can power through a lot, but a lot of it comes down to skill, the right gear, the right terrain, and the right way to approach a jump. This skill element takes time to learn and master, but there is also an intuitive element like when to know it’s time to shift gears.