Kimberlee Schultz

I have always had a deep level of empathy for others and could easily sense if someone was in need. My nature is to serve and to help others see the amazing gift they have within them even if they have yet to discover and embrace it. This love for humanity, animals, and the well-being for all has been a driving force in my passion to live a solution-oriented life. In 2006, God inspired me to commit to a 4 ½ year journey to complete a series of seven empowering children’s books. The StarPals provided so many opportunities for growth in the areas of patience, faith,trust and an insatiable love for all children. In 2013, I worked with the LA Unified After School Program for 8 weeks. The result was facilitating a 3 ½hr. workshop to encourage 30 of their staff to integrate The StarPals Virtues and Values into their everyday interactions with the children. I will be visiting Project Hope Alliance February 2019 to see how The StarPals can impact the homeless children they serve in Orange County. I awaken with excitement each morning as I ask God how I can most efficiently and effectively be His Hands and Feet. Every moment is a miracle-in-the-making, and I am beyond humbled and honored to serve!