Instructor Profile - Nikki Sitze

How did you become a trader?

I came to OTA to learn how to talk to a broker when I was named an estate executor. All my friends said I was nuts: lost my mind for even trying to trade.

How long have you been with OTA, and why do you teach?

My OTA journey started as a student in 2015. I’m slow and methodical in everything. In my first class, the instructor said, “Let’s look for a rally on the chart.” What went through my head: “Where are the cars?!” In my world at that time, a rally was a car race. Much to my surprise, I fell in love with trading. Market conditions change giving me new opportunities all the time providing I have the skill, proficiency and confidence, including understanding careful risk management. In discovering what the markets do and how my journey evolved to Student Support in center and eventually to teaching. As an Instructor, I try to keep in mind some people have little to no experience with these markets. When in class, I strive to simplify, explain, demonstrate, and show what students want to learn. Those “aha!” moments are why I teach.


You were one of the first Instructors to teach in the “Connected Class” format, what can you share with students about the format?

Connected Class is a hybrid. Part online and in-class instruction. The online format lets students log in from wherever they are to learn. The in-class version allows for personal skill building, direct feedback and community development. Connected class merges those strengths. The Centers, Instructors, and Teaching Assistants work together to provide the education in a format that best meets the student’s needs.


What is your biggest accomplishment?

My son.


What is one thing no one would guess about you?

Peanut Butter & Jelly is one of my favorite foods.