Healthy Consistencies with Instructor Darren Kimoto

Pictured: Darren and his daughter getting ready to paraglide together.

Renowned investment speaker and OTA instructor Darren Kimoto has been trading for over 15 years. Driven by an intense curiosity for the financial markets, he started his journey to become an investor reading books and watching online videos. This lead him down the path of becoming a technical trader, using indicators to get in and out. His early years of actively investing we’re a little rough; experiencing inconsistencies, streaks of lucky wins followed by streaks of unfortunate losses. He knew that something had to change, and once OTA caught his eye, he attended an introductory event to see what we were all about.

Darren could immediately see the major differences between OTA's methods compared to his own. He quickly saw that OTA instructors were able to accurately anticipate turns in price getting into trades before the moves have started, rather than waiting for his technical indicators to signal an entry long after price had turned. Darren saw the beauty in the OTA method and became an ardent fan of supply and demand trading. 

Starting as a student of the market, Darren eventually became a Registered Investment Advisor and more recently, returned to become an OTA Instructor. According to Darren, he found that "Once you understand the rules and know how to stack the odds in your favor by following the big institutions and what they're doing, those are the rules to stick to."

There isn't much he hasn't done, from from dirt biking, sky diving, surfing, and more recently: paragliding. Much like Darren looks to follow institutions through supply and demand, he follows the birds when looking for thermals to soar.