GPS (Guided Practice Sessions) Beyond Education

Guided Practice Sessions (GPS) are the Next Step in Getting into the Game

With the strong foundation built from attending classes and participating in the ongoing eXtended Learning Track Program (XLT), Guided Practice Sessions (GPS) are the next step in getting into the game and putting into practice the knowledge and skill that you have developed with your
OTA education.

Having the mission of “Beyond Education” GPS offers daily online sessions with a laser focus on identifying trading opportunities, live in the markets. It is all about zones, zones and more zones.

Beginning with the Daily Market Overview, you'll be taken through the economic reports and earnings for that trading day, followed by the major markets from the higher time frame perspective.

Then our team of GPS instructors will take you through a wide range of trade setups spanning every asset class.

In the GPS sessions, we get down to business, cut to the chase so YOU can get on with your trading day, quicker and more efficiently.

For educational purposes only. Trading is risky and you can lose money.