Keeping on CliKing

Exciting New Updates about the Ongoing Development Roadmap for CliK

Supply & Demand Grids in CliK

As we’ve mentioned here before, we are finalizing internal testing on the integration of the Grid into CliK. We feel you’ll be amazed at what we’ve built. But there are some other cool new features just behind this release, that we are currently working on.

Scanning Capabilities in CliK

The first feature adds market scanning capabilities to CliK.  Market scanning tools may be used to help facilitate the search for Core Strategy opportunities.  Scan the symbol universe for tradeable issues meeting specific criteria, and then apply filters to search results.   CliK’s scanning will include price, volume and volatility scans and also provide for scanning on company fundamental data.  In addition to including predefined scans, we are also working on a feature that allows users to build their own custom market scans.

CliK Tips

Part of the vision for CliK was to integrate into it, OTA’s award-winning, proprietary education.   There are two initiatives regarding this goal.  First, we are working on including how-to “CliK Tips” directly into the platform.   These brief video snippets are designed to facilitate learning how to use CliK’s features and functionality.

Integrating Our Education in CliK

Second, imagine being able to access OTA Course Lessons, directly inside of CliK, and where they make sense.   Need a lesson on candlestick patterns?  Watch one directly from a Chart in CliK.  Need a refresher on a particular Core Strategy step?  View an on-demand Course Lesson right from the Trade Builder inside of CliK; without ever having to leave the platform.   We’re really excited about both of these upcoming features.  Watch this space for some preview videos that will provide more detail.

For educational purposes only. Trading is risky and you can lose money.