Compass Program (Always Knowing Where True North Is)

A Program that has been Developed to take you through a clearly defined and deliberate Student Learning Journey

Learning to trade is a progressive journey that requires preparation, practice and support. There is nothing more important to us than ensuring you are continuously feeling inspired, staying engaged and moving forward in developing your skills as a trader. Always knowing where True North is for you.

So, what is Compass? It is a program that has been developed to take you through a clearly defined and deliberate student learning journey.

This program will help provide guidance for what you will need to accomplish at various stages of your educational journey. Checkpoints along the way ensure you are on the right track and help you overcome any obstacles that might get in your way and celebrate what you have achieved.

The Compass Program offers a holistic approach that encompasses your knowledge (IQ), your emotions (EQ) and drives you toward “Why” you are on this pursuit (YQ).

To learn more on why these assessments are important in supporting your education watch this space.  More details are coming your way on how you can experience the power of the Compass Program and as you continue on your education journey.

For educational purposes only. Trading is risky and you can lose money.