Fall Webinar Series

A Powerful Line Up of Weekly Webinars 

As we enter the Fall season, we invite you to join us for our Fall Webinar Series!

Throughout September and October, a powerful line up of weekly webinars will be made available to you as our OTA students including instructor panel discussions, new product highlights, and relevant hot topics such as navigating the financial markets as the election year heats up!

Here are the topics, dates/times and hosts:

  1. Tuesday 9/15 @ 4pm PST - What is happening in our Economy - Panel hosted by Merlin Rothfeld, Larry Jacobson and Bill Addiss
  2. Wednesday 9/23 @ 3pm PST - Hot Stocks – with Jordan Matthews & Brock Pierce
  3. Thursday 10/1 @ 3pm PST -  Speed Tour of the Guided Practice Sessions – with Todd Davis
  4. Tuesday 10/6 @ 4pm PST - War Stories from the Floor with Billy-Bob – Panel hosted by Merlin Rothfeld with  Bob Dunn & Bill Henner
  5. Wednesday 10/14 @ 3pm PST - Everything CliK - with Mark Grieco & Todd Davis
  6. Thursday 10/22 @ 4pm PST - Election Protection Show - with Merlin Rothfeld & Larry Jacobson

We look forward to you joining us.  Get revved up for the next phase as we evolve through the COVID crisis and the election cycle and ramp-up towards the Virtual Thrive Student Conference

For educational purposes only. Trading is risky and you can lose money.