Compass and Compass Extras

We are excited to be launching this new chapter with our Compass Journey with so much more to come to help facilitate your student learning journey.  Why is this so essential?  One way we love to explain it is by referring to what is called the Dunning-Kruger Effect model evolving from a research paper published in 1999 by psychology Professors David Dunning and Justin Kruger.  Some of you may be familiar with it, I am sure.  It summarizes the journey of learning anything complex as the duality of a progression of competence and confidence.  Learning a sport or hobby or language or profession or trading and investing

We are just getting started in opening this next chapter with so much more to come in with Compass. Watch your email for invitations to Compass events online and in your local Centers.  

 Compass Extras what are they?

We recognize that not everything taught in Core Strategy covers all the details a trader or investor needs to get started and continue their journey with confidence.   Compass Extras are designed to facilitate teaching our students the information that fills some of these gaps.

The first of these Compass Extras to be released is called Brokerage Accounts.  Often, when the student has completed their first class, they can be unsure about what’s involved in setting up a brokerage account.  This one-hour class will explain:

  • The difference between OTA, CliK, and Brokerage Firms and how they are related
  • Types of Services Brokerage Firms provide
  • Types of Brokerage Firms
  • Transaction and Accounts Service Fees
  • Platforms
  • The Account Opening Process

It will also include a useful checklist of things to ask to help you start your search.

Current students will automatically be grandfathered into these sessions for Compass Extras in your Learning Labs and new students will have it added as they progress through their journey.

Watch for more information to come and events to be added in mid-August.