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Anything Can Happen at Anytime!

If you haven’t had the chance to meet Craig Weil, one of our many passionate instructors with 46 years of experience in the trading industry, you’re in for a treat! Craig’s extensive career has honed him into one of our finest and well-regarded Futures instructors here at OTA. Here are some thoughts Craig would like to share about the mindset of a trader.

“Anything can happen at any time…

Words I have lived by for 46 years since I became a trader way back when. As a trader I have seen interest rates in double digits and fall to near zero. I have witnessed 10 military conflicts and 9 different administrations. There have been 5 recessions since I walked onto the floor of the CBOE in 1974.

Before a NOVICE trader or investor engages the market, they dream of great riches. Their siren call is “How much can I make?”

Before a GREAT trader or investor engages, they aren’t dreaming of anything. Their focus is on “How much can I lose?”

After all, how much we can lose is the only thing we really can control. And if you agree with that, you would never place a trade or make an investment without a stop loss order right alongside of the entry. Yet millions of Americans continue to do just that and thus expose themselves to another major financial calamity. This, despite the lessons learned during The Great Recession.

It will happen again. Anything can happen… Are you ready?” Wow! Care to find out more about Craig? Click here!