Whole LOTA Love

A Lifestyle Profession

Todd Davis joined OTA in 2005 and was one of the founding members of the Los Angeles Woodland Hills center. While leading the operations for the center, he morphed into a skilled equities, forex, futures, and options trader, which led him towards the path of instructor certification.

Todd became one of our most in-demand instructors in the network. With a passion for educating other traders and investors, he makes his classes fun and relatable by sharing his life’s examples and pairing his lectures with colorful graphics.

Todd considers trading a lifestyle profession. His parents had always worked for themselves, and so from an early age Todd had always focused on being his own boss and working for his own gain rather than for someone else’s. Todd has had experience running a company with his own employees, and while he enjoys working and interacting with other people, nothing beats the ability to support yourself without any employees or overhead. Reporting to no one other than himself, Todd gets to spend more time playing golf, one of the many activities that trading allows him to enjoy on his own time.

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