A Calling for Education & Trading

Being an expert in a field doesn’t necessarily mean one is an effective teacher. I’m sure we can all recall a teacher in our past, whether it be the Social Studies teacher from the 8th grade or your grandfather who tried to teach you how to fix a washing machine by hand. There is no shortage of good and bad teachers we have had from any aspect of our lives. But what exactly makes a great teacher?

If you dig back into your memories for your favorite teachers and why they were your favorites, they may have shared some of the same foundational qualities that made them unforgettable. Perhaps they were someone who could inspirationally convey information and who was also knowledgeable on the topic with many years of experience? Perhaps they were patient enough to go over concepts with you multiple times, articulate examples, understand road blocks, and had a genuine passion for educating and seeing the light bulb flicker, slowly, until it reaches a full bright light?

These are the qualities our students find in Cathie Morrison, who is not only a highly experienced trader, but who also comes from a lengthy educational background. Before trading Cathie had a lifetime of experience teaching: from every level of the public school system, college instructing, technology training, and even owning a test preparation company. As her parents had always encouraged their children to invest in stocks, she found Online Trading Academy, and combined her lifelong love for teaching with her expertise as a trader.

“I was very privileged to be able to combine my great strengths in teaching with my love of trading. The blessings of sharing knowledge with others and helping them to achieve their goals, as I was able to mine, is priceless.” – Cathie Morrison