Trading Analysis

Fundamental Analysis

Fundamental analysis is a basic component of investing and is something every trader should have a basic understanding of. Learn more about fundamental analysis.

Introduction to Technical Analysis

Understanding and using technical analysis wisely could help traders/investors focus on and identify elements that can support a rational choice to buy or sell.

Understanding Stock Market Charts

Trading Charts, the basis of technical analysis, offer additional information for the investor or trader beyond just price data. Understanding trading charts is critical for timing trades.


Stock Market Charts display historical data in a variety of perspectives. Here is an overview of the different chart types.

Common Charting Periods

Learn how to read trading charts and gain knowledge of 4 common stock market charts to see how to use charting periods to find investing opportunities.


The trader’s ability to recognize trends, and changes in trends, early on, is often the difference between an agreeable outcome on a trade or a disagreeable one.

Support and Resistance

Support and resistance can be used to identify key levels where the trend in price has a greater probability of halting and possibly changing direction.

Technical Indicators

Technical indicators are used as tools, in conjunction with other indicators, to assist the trader in making buy/sell decisions.

Economic Indicators

Economic Indicators are valuable and reliable reports that measure the economic health of our overall economy.

Broad Market Indicators

Stock market prices have a tendency to move together, therefore, the overall market or sector conditions have a tremendous effect on individual stock prices.


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