Extended Learning Track (XLT) Instructors

The instructional staff for the Extended Learning Track program is an expert team of traders with decades of combined experience in real-world trading. Our instructors are gifted educators who are passionate about making sure our students understand what it takes to be successful in the markets. The team is specifically trained to deliver engaging sessions in an online classroom environment.

  • Russ Allen

  • Michelle Amato

  • Bachir Chaaya

  • Kayla Christine

  • Todd Davis

  • Sam Evans

  • Joann Farley

  • Bill Henner

  • Woody Johnson

  • Darren Kimoto

  • Justin Krebs

  • Jeff Manson

  • Steve Moses

  • Shamus O'Connor

  • Sam Seiden

  • Gabe Velazquez

  • Eric Waddell

  • Ryan Watkins

  • Brandon Wendell

  • Darek Zelek

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