Professional Trader Courses

Professional Trader Courses

Core Strategy Part 2 (2 Days):

Online Course also available in four 3-hour sessions for Part 2 only.


Core Strategy (5 Days):

Online Course also available in ten 3-hour sessions.


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Trading is a competition between two sides where there is always a winner and a loser. In our Core Strategy courses, you will learn skills and techniques to help you buy and sell ETFs like a professional trader. We will teach you a simple, rules-based strategy which is designed to keep you on the winning side. This strategy helps you to identify key market turning points and major moves in advance. The Core Strategy courses (formerly known as Professional Trader) focus on stock trading using ETFs, although the skills and discipline you will learn are applicable to any asset class. The course is divided between Core Strategy (5 days) and Part 2 (2 days); which are taken together. We deliver powerful and fully interactive lectures led by a professional trader combined with live trading sessions focusing on market analysis and trade execution.

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What You Will Learn

  • The Zero Sum Game

    Trading is a transfer of money from those who don't know how the markets work, to those who do. Unlock the truth as you learn to identify two types of traders and recognize their activity on a price chart.

  • Professional Trading Platform

    Using professional tools is critical to ensure you get the best price and manage risk appropriately. Learn how the pros trade with a direct access workstation and Level II pricing data that shows you the power behind the markets in real time.

  • Charting and Technical Analysis

    Learn how to recognize an imbalance of supply and demand on a price chart in order to plan your entry and exit points. Identify which technical indicators are valuable odds-enhancers, and which can be safely ignored.

  • Your Personal Trading Plan

    Use advanced risk management techniques to ensure consistency in your trades and help take the emotions out of your decisions.

What Students Are Saying

“CliK is a game changer, reducing quite a lot of the human factor, making any trader a more mechanical trader and giving a very visual aid to planning the trades.”

, June 2019

“I highly recommend this course to anyone trying to learn about the markets. The markets are a jigsaw puzzle, the O.T.A staff will help you put the pieces together. I was using indicators and signals from people claiming to be professionals and it got me nowhere. Indicators don't work, the patented strategy does. If you're reading this review, I highly recommend you take the course, since you made it this far. This course will give you the skills to take control of your financial future. The markets don't wait for anyone, the sooner you join the better.”

, May 2019

“This is an outstanding course. I came in with a few preconceived ideas on how I wanted to trade but no clear road map on how to get started and what my plan would be. This course provided the fundamental knowledge that I needed to begin trading in the markets.”

, May 2019

“Fantastic for a ProTrader student. Brings everything into focus like a laser!!! I'd recommend to every student who knows there's something missing in their trading!”

, May 2019

“I was initially very skeptical about what OTA was offering. Very skeptical. I have been part of the retail trading public for years, and I have lots of bad habits. The Core Strategy program helped me to refine my process. I am leaving the Core Strategy class armed with new tools and knowledge. Specifically, over the course of the last week, I now have my first trade plan. It needs refinement, but it is an excellent start. I also have a fully funded and operational Oanda and Tradestation account. These are tangibles that I am taking away from the class. The intangibles include an extended help network, improved psychology, and resources that I was previously unaware of, including websites to reference.”

, May 2019

“This class offers a better plan for retirement and income for people over 60 years of age.”

, May 2019

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