Program Name: Strategic Investor Course


The Strategic Investor course teaches strategies that could help students make financial choices for their long-term wealth accounts (e.g., retirement accounts, 401(k), IRAs, etc.). These choices require a solid understanding of how financial markets work, planning techniques, a strategic asset allocation (i.e., portfolio), and rule-based investment strategies that assesses market value based on the objective laws of supply and demand.  With proper education and a well-defined plan, students can learn to invest with skill and confidence today, tomorrow and during retirement. Strategic Investor - Part 1 Tuition: $1,995

Potential Benefits

  • Could be able to manage one’s retirement or long-term wealth accounts with a focus on capital preservation
  • Could establish financial goals and develop long-term wealth plan with a focused rate of return
  • Could avoid or reduce unnecessary industry management fees because the investor is self-directing their own account
  • Could customize investment portfolio that one have designed
  • Could enhance the efficiency of your 401(k)-plan dynamic 401(k) Management Strategy
  • Could potentially receive low-risk interest utilizing a Bond Strategy
  • Could potentially reduce your exposure to market risk by building a Yield-Powered Market Position Strategy (self-directed annuity)
  • Could learn to utilize Options (Cash Secured Puts and Covered Calls & Some Spreads), a strategy to potentially help students generate a rate of return as high as possible

Course Objective

The Strategic Investor's key objective is to manage assets in such a way that investment capital would continue to grow while minimizing risk. The program teaches strategies and techniques to help students gain better control of their investment portfolio, using a step-by-step approach.

Delivery and Duration

  • Because this course is structured in two parts, the program has the flexibility to be offered in one of two ways:
    • The student may enroll in Part 1 stand-alone course (2-day, 12 hours)
    • The student may enroll in the entire program, inclusive of Part 1-2days, Part 2-3 days and XLT
  • On Location in a traditional instructor-led, in-person classroom
  • Online in a live virtual classroom that is also recorded (10 sessions, 30 hours)
  • On-Demand video-based lessons (9 hours)
  • All delivery modes combine lessons with interactive scenarios, labs, and exercises with access to live financial markets


  • This course is designed for students who desire to learn how they could use this knowledge to build and/or preserve generational wealth
  • Students with diverse investment objectives both short-term and long-term
  • Students lacking flexibility in their Retirement accounts


No trading experience is required for Part 1.  Part 1 is pre-requisite for Part 2.

Detailed Course Outline

Strategic Investor – Part 1

To be able to participate actively in the course exercises, students will need to complete the course pre-essentials at home in advance of the class.  During class, students may receive a courseware manual or eBook with room to write notes in either version (annotation is available in the eBook).

Strategic Investor Part 1 – Day 1: Assessing Health & Wealth

  • Strategic Investor Foundations – Understand how the Strategic Investor thinks
  • Investing Terminology – Learn how to speak about and understand the terms used in investing
  • The Strategic Investor Process – Learn about the 3-step process used to manage the investment portfolio safely and efficiently
  • Calculate the Rate of Return You Need – Define student’s target rate of return with financial calculators
  • Strategic Asset Allocation – Learn how to spread money across multiple assets

Strategic Investor Part 1 – Day 2: Introduction to the Portfolio

  • Finalizing Your Strategic Asset Allocation - Review current inventory and determine how to align a new allocation with desired rate of return needs
  • Introduction to Building Your Portfolio - Discover the characteristics of different asset classes
  • Assets in the Cash and Steady Income Investment Categories Learn more about cash alternatives and preferred stocks
  • Fixed Income Investments (a.k.a. Bonds) Discover how bonds work and how informed Market Investors can learn to put them to use
  • Other Steady Growth Assets (Indexed Annuities) Learn how insurance companies market products that go up but never down
  • Introduction to Options for Investors - Receive a basic understanding of Options and its role in strategically investing
  • Dynamic 401k Management Strategy - Learn how to manage and enhance the efficiency of a 401(k)

Strategic Investor – Part 2

There will be either a courseware manual or eBook to support this course and the use of the Strategic Investing Portfolio.

Strategic Investor Part 2 – Day 1: Introduction to the Portfolio

  • Review of Retail and Advanced Investment Vehicles – Explore the types of investment vehicles available
  • Introduction to Options for investors – Learn a basic understanding of the Options asset class
  • Yield-Powered Market Positions Strategy - Learn how to build stock market positions without exposing capital to stock market risk, in effect creating a Self-directed Indexed Annuity
  • Assets for the Variable Growth Bucket - Discover the range of asset classes covered by Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs)
  • Designing a Self-directed ETF Portfolio for your Variable Growth objectives - Learn how to select a set of ETFs to meet specific variable growth needs
  • Market Timing for your Self-directed ETF Portfolio - Learn when to be in the markets (and when not to be) with market timing rules

Strategic Investor Part 2 – Day 2: Market Dynamics

  • Review of Market Timing for Investors – Review the straight-forward strategy based on a Simple Moving Average. Discover a more precise timing method for active investors
  • Managing your Self-directed ETF Portfolio – Learn to use simple charting tools to time purchases and sales of the ETFs in one’s portfolio
  • Additional Options Strategies – Learn two option strategies with the potential for returns, when risk is managed properly
  • Practice Trading with ETFs and Options– Practice buying and selling ETF shares and options contracts

Strategic Investor Part 2 – Day 3: Allocation Strategies

  • Review of the Goals of Investing
  • Investor Tax Considerations – Learn about ways to minimize taxes on investment income
  • Practice Managing Your Self-directed ETF Portfolio – Use charts to identify buy and sell prices and practice identifying options and placing orders
  • More on the Benefits of Rebalancing – Rebalancing in a more sophisticated technique, including the 20-20-20-20-20 strategy



The Strategic Investing XLT builds on the strategies and skills students learn in the Strategic Investor course. Online sessions consist of a live skill building lessons and strategy application to help students learn how to protect and manage long term investments. Experience in-depth technical and fundamental analysis of asset classes, economic cycles, interest rates, emerging markets and investment strategies. Advanced topics will be covered including; portfolio positioning, financial calculations, price charting annuities, and dynamic 401(k) management. Strategic Investor - Part 2 + XLT Tuition: $14,995


Online in live virtual classroom that is recorded


The XLT sessions are designed for students who have met the pre-requisites and wishing to continue their skill development in strategically managing their financial investments


Before attending the XLT sessions, students must have completed both Strategic Investor Course (Parts 1 and 2)

Detailed Course Outline

  • The Strategic Investor (SI) Process
  • Calculating your needed rate of return
  • Designing an appropriate Strategic Asset Allocation (Portfolio)
  • Designing and rebalancing a diversified Strategic Investor portfolio
  • Managing your 401(k) dynamically
  • Bond, fixed income securities
  • Building fixed income positions
  • Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs)
  • Options
  • Protecting Strategic Investing positions
  • Buying discounted Strategic Investing positions
  • “Renting out” Strategic Investing positions
  • Building Optional Break-Out for Free (BFF) trades
  • Building Yield-Powered Market Positions
  • Strategic Investing portfolio in up markets
  • Building optional defensive positions
  • Strategic Investing portfolio in down markets
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