Wealth Management Courses

Online Wealth Management Courses and Training as well as in-person training available

Many investors and traders like to think of their wealth as a "big bucket" for more conservative long term planning, and a "little bucket" for active trading. For the big bucket, it's key to manage assets in such a way that wealth continues to grow while risk is mitigated. You can't do this by sitting by and letting your broker make decisions, nor by letting your portfolio run itself. Our in-person and online wealth management courses help you to find a balance that gives you maximum control with a minimum time commitment. Your quality of life, your retirement and your family's future depends on your personal wealth management.

In addition, today's real estate market provides unprecedented opportunities in the asset class that has created many fortunes. Traders can benefit from highly leveraged transactions, bargain shopping in a fast moving environment, the potential for appreciation combined with current income, tax advantages; and the possibility of a profitable investment that also contributes to quality of life. Learn how to trade for quick turnover or long term gain in our real estate course.

  1. Attend a FREE Half-Day Class

    The introductory class required for all incoming students, where, in a few short hours, you'll learn trading strategies that can be applied to any timeframe or trading plan.

    To enroll in courses, you must first take a FREE Introductory Class.

  2. Strategic Investor

    Learn to think like a professional portfolio manager, whether you are masterminding your own investments or monitoring someone who does it for you. Includes many workshop exercises to improve self-confidence and discipline and drive home what you're learning. 5 days.

  3. XLT - Strategic Investing

    The XLT – Strategic Investing is an advanced course that builds on the strategies delivered in Strategic Investor. It is intended for students who aim to become extremely proficient at managing their wealth using advanced portfolio management strategies. Online Wealth Management Course.

  4. Mastermind Community

    Learn how to leverage the unique benefit of true non-correlated markets in which there's always an opportunity somewhere, and your goal is to find it and profit. This is an Online Education Course.

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