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ProActive Investor (5 Days):

Online Course also available in ten 3-hour sessions.


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The ProActive Investor knows the steps required to achieve financial security and live the life they desire—today, tomorrow, and during retirement. The key is understanding the annual rate of return required to achieve your goals, and how to achieve that rate through disciplined investing across multiple asset classes. This is what separates the ProActive Investor from the uneducated investor.

In our five-day immersion class, you’ll learn how to think and invest like a professional money manager as you build a rules-based strategy to increase your wealth and real buying power in a global economy. You’ll define your financial goals, analyze the investing choices available to you, and then start creating a portfolio of assets that minimizes risks and enhances returns. In addition, you’ll review the essentials of managing a 401(k) plan dynamically.

The course includes many interactive scenarios and exercises to reinforce what you're learning — how to hedge against inflation, benefit from currency fluctuations, and grow and preserve capital in good markets and bad. Diversify beyond familiar stocks and funds, plus be willing to rebalance your portfolio as conditions change. You'll leave the class with a self-built portfolio strategy that is based on your investing timeframe, risk tolerance, skills and goals.

Suggested prerequisites: Core Strategy is highly recommended, Professional Options Trader is recommended.

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What You Will Learn

  • Asset Class Allocation and Diversification

    Use a customized strategic allocation combining bonds and options to maximize your rate of return.

  • How to Minimize Risks and Enhance Returns

    Build a rules-based strategy to increase your wealth and real buying power in a global economy. Use REAL supply and demand to properly assess risk and reward.

  • Increasing Your Rate of Return

    Learn how you can maximize your annual rate of return through strategic and tactical allocation strategies in order to reach your financial security goals faster and with less taxes and fees.

  • Creating a Wealth Management Plan

    Put it all together with a personalized plan that takes into account your tolerance for risk, your wishes for passing on your wealth and your preferences for a secure retirement at the date you choose.

Who You Will Learn From

Our staff of professional instructors is composed of the most dedicated people you will ever meet. They will teach you trading fundamentals and advanced techniques like no one else. Each has a unique personality that will keep you on the edge of your seat, waiting for the next "golden nugget" of trading information.

What Students Are Saying

“I learned a lot in one week. It amazed me how much information was taught to me by my teacher, Cathe Morrison; she was fantastic. Nick, our technical support person was outstanding as usual. Thanks for an awesome experience. ,”

, December 2018

“The ProActive Investing class is designed to protect the assets that you have accumulated. It does just that if you follow the program. Various strategies taught complement the status of the market at any given time. ”

, November 2018

“The Proactive Investor course is outstanding for learning to protect and manage, "actively", a nest egg account like a self directed IRA or 401k. Active means monthly or maybe a shorter time. The instructor we had was very knowledgeable and a really good communicator. Highly recommend the course.”

, November 2018

“I took the ProActive Investing Class and didn't have high hopes based on an experience with another educational firm, and previous visits to financial planners. I was amazed at the detail of the tools presented for us to take home, and the strategies will keep the vast majority of my cash invested, and are suitable for all market conditions. Cathie is by far the best instructor I have had. She is very cognizant of the needs of the entire class, whether they are new to OTA or an experienced trader on a retake.”

, November 2018

“The Proactive Investor class was exactly what I was looking for when I joined OTA. The professionalism and the instructor's level of knowledge encouraged me to begin the journey of reviewing and revamping my investment portfolios. The instructors masterfully utilized his expertise to explain the concepts and encouraged the class to a lively discussion.”

, October 2018

“Great introduction to a lifetime investing methodology. Helps you understand how to plan the rest of your investing life.”

, October 2018

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