Commission Discounts

Get discounted commissions for up to 100% of your OTA tuition.

Online Trading Academy has agreements with a number of leading broker/dealers who are willing to provide OTA students with discounts off trading commissions for up to 100% of your OTA tuition. It’s in their interests to do so since educated students can become some of their best customers.

Here’s how it works: upon completion of your class you will receive a discount certificate whose value is equivalent to the cost of your training. Submit the certificate to one of our in program broker/dealers and they will set up your account so that you will be credited 10-20% of gross commissions as a discount against your trades.

We currently offer this commission discount through a number of prominent broker/dealers. Some restrictions may apply and some of our broker/dealer agreements may only offer commission discounts on certain types of accounts. Contact your Education Center for a recent list.

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