Monday Market Must-Knows: October 17, 2022

As the US is raising rates to fight inflation, so are other countries.

This week we’ll see Consumer Price Index (CPI) data from around the world. This might give us a  little bit of insight as to how other countries are dealing with this inflation environment.
NZD CPI (New Zealand) – Monday 5:45pm ET
GBP CPI (UK) – Wednesday 2:00am ET
CAD CPI (Canada) – Wednesday 8:30am ET
Manufacturing numbers have been declining. We are expecting negative numbers from these announcements.
Empire State Manufacturing Index – Monday 8:30am ET
Philly Fed Manufacturing Index – Thursday 8:30am ET
There are 327 Companies reporting this week: 
Bank of America, Charles Schwab, Johnson & Johnson, Lockheed Martin, United Airlines, Interactive Brokers, Tesla, IBM, Abbott Laboratories, AT&T, American Airlines, Philip Morris, Verizon Communications, Goldman Sachs, American Express, among others.
With many different types of firms reporting this week, such as retailers, pharmaceutical, and financial firms, this will give us a broad representation of the overall economy.
As always, if you’re in the markets, make sure you have a trade plan.