Whole LOTA Love

The CliK Hitters

This week, the OTA CliK Hitters softball team played their first game in the coed adult softball league and WON in glorious fashion! The team consists of Headquarters, Global Territories, and Irvine Center employees, as well as, a couple friends to help round out the team. The team is led by co-captains Kyle Peck and Chase Nielsen with the Global Territories team.

Kyle shared what inspired him to start this team.

"Before I knew OTA even had a softball team years past, I’ve always been inspired by In N Out and Costco, because they have annual softball tournaments against other stores. And while we can’t necessarily do that here with our various locations, I thought composing a possible team for a softball league would be fun! It would be a fun way to network with other individuals in the company, and be a great stress reliever after a long day at work. I was unsure if there would be much interest when originally proposed, but I was wrong! When we officially signed up for the Irvine Softball League, I was extremely excited that this idea was coming into fruition."

We have a well rounded group mixed with seasoned softball veterans, as well as, a few rookies. All players made great contributions to Game 1 with both great fielding and batting and a good time was had by everyone.

“The first game ended up in a solid victory,” says Kyle. The final score was 11-6.

“We had contributions from everyone who played, including two rookies that have never played softball before! Everyone got on base, everyone contributed with the glove, and everyone was extremely supportive of each other. It was a blast, and we have 8 more games to play! Hopefully, we start getting some other people in the crowd to cheer us on because in the words of one player, Courtney, “we are going to win the whole thing!!!!”

We also settled on a great team name, thanks to Randy, so from now on, we shall be forever known as “The Clik Hitters.”

If anyone would like to come out to watch the CliK Hitters play on Wednesday nights in Irvine, CA, contact anyone on the team and we would be happy to have as many fans come watch as possible. 

Way to go CliK Hitters! Undefeated!

Pictured left to right:
Dottie Rausch, Courtney Craig, Sandra Mora, Randy Saban, Chase Nielsen, Lisa Tashjian, Renzhi Zhou, Neal Nieves, Kyle Peck, Merlin Rothfeld, Laura (friend of Merlin's), Marquis (friend of Kyle's).

Also on the team, but not available to play Game 1: Leanne Smith, Gene Longobardi, Kevin Vu, Eyal Marmareli, Larry Jacobson, Ryan Kiick.