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Safety First at OTA

This month, HR was proud to bring CPR and First Aid Training to the employees of OTA.

The course taught by OC Safety CPR & First Aid Training, trained staff on how to save lives in times of crisis and emergency. After completing the three-hour course, OTA employees are now knowledgeable in all facets of first response care from helping someone who is choking, going through cardiac arrest, or incapacitated after an accident, to administering cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) to adults, children, and infants.

"I was motivated to take the First Aid course after CEO Eyal Shahar, at the monthly celebration, stressed the value of being able to help those around you in their time of need. Although I was nervous before the class, it turned out to be informative and hands-on which helps me feel confident that I would know what to do in an emergency. I’m glad I took the time to learn these skills to be ready to help friends or family if the need arises," says Education Program Manager, Holland McKhann.

There is no better gift that having the confidence and know-how to do what’s necessary in the midst of crisis.

According to a recent survey, 90% of people who suffer from cardiac arrest who have not received CPR die on the way to the hospital. CPR not only saves lives by keeping the patient’s organs and blood circulation regular, administering CPR during a crisis aids in less suffering and recovery.

As OTA’s Content Management Administrator and participant in the class, Adrienne Pham, shares:

“The CPR & First Aid training provided in depth information about a wide range of situations, many of which I hadn’t considered before. It was helpful to be exposed to the various emergency issues that are very possible in our everyday lives, and the best course of action to mitigate them. The training left me confident that, should the need ever arise, I could hopefully assess an emergency well enough to ease the suffering and potentially save a life.”

And Jenna Perez from Tax Pros said, “My first aid and CPR skills were a bit rusty until today. The last time I was certified was in high school! I am happy to know that I have a new skill set that could potentially save the life of a coworker, family member or friend, or even a stranger! I am grateful to OTA for making yet another investment in their employees.”

Here are a few photos of the event: