OTA launches Innovation in Learning Labs

Stratos Builds Skill
A little back-story…
Over 25 years ago OTA’s founder, Eyal Shahar, saw a need for hands-on training to assist individuals in developing trading and investing skills to help them achieve their financial goals. He founded what is now Online Trading Academy - an international financial education organization devoted to providing people with the training, tools and techniques to help generate income and protect and build their long-term investments in any financial market. The Company’s mission of transforming lives worldwide with exceptional trading and investing education has driven Eyal and the organization to focus intensively on creating a world class financial education organization which has served over 85,000 students worldwide. Mr. Shahar’s tenacity, and his unyielding drive, created an environment where everyday investors could join to learn skills in order to trade with confidence, like the pros, with the objective to meet their financial goals. The real game-changer for OTA and its students has been technology and innovation in the form of CliK. The proprietary education and trading analysis platform enables users to identify and score the highest probability trades with a guided step-by-step process similar to tools used by professional traders, banks, and institutional traders. CliK integrates OTA’s methodology and education, in the form of its trade planning, risk management foundations, rules, and step-by-step methodology. CliK is founded on the #1 rule for traders and investors, before you trade and invest, learn to manage your individual risk. OTA’s actionable financial education is integrated directly into CliK, when and where you need it. The only-in-CliK toolset includes proprietary analysis features which are an extension of OTA’s curriculum and provide the tools necessary to practice and build skill, evolve proficiency, and develop confidence.
In 2022, OTA introduced Stratos – an interactive teaching engine designed to take guided computer-based instruction to a new level.  It allows a group of learners to follow along with the instructor, explore on their own and be brought back to the lesson in real-time – allowing students to keep pace with the experience.  We are thrilled to announce the release of Stratos in our Learning Labs sessions this September!
So, what does Stratos do?
As a trading and investing educator, the use of a charting and analysis platform (CliK) is essential to delivering hands-on, skill-based learning.  These platforms are complex and for some the learning curve is steeper than for others.  When an instructor must walk around the room to observe and identify which students are keeping pace and which ones are falling behind, it can be time-consuming and inevitably frustrating for some students who are unable to keep up or grasp a concept or technique.  With Stratos, the instructor can see on-screen where each student is at with a particular lesson or skill and either work with them independently to move them forward, catch them up, help them to complete the step or task or reintroduce the demonstration if several students are impacted, simply by resetting their instance of the templated activity.  This allows instructors to manage the class time more effectively and focus on where help is really needed. The foundation of our education is called Core Strategy which is based on analyzing institutional order flow. CliK delivers the tools to analyze and help the student make informed decisions while managing risk…and now Stratos gives every student a learning experience where they can gain confidence in using the technology that is essential for any trader to participate actively in the markets. Stratos is a new product introduced to our students in recent months.  The application of this product is designed specifically to work with CliK, our proprietary education and trading analysis tool. Students can spend more time practicing in the classroom with Stratos than they could previously with more complicated platforms; and this builds skill which makes for effective learning experiences.   However, the Stratos technology can be applied to train users on how to use any complex software in a hands-on environment without a need for multiple display screens.   We believe it is truly an innovation in the guided learning space and is patent pending.  
We encourage our students to self-schedule in My OTA for our Practice Sessions in our Learning Labs to experience this unique skill-building offering.  Sessions fill up quickly, so act now!  We look forward to seeing you in the labs!