Meet Your OTA Instructors - Brock Pierce

How did you become a trader?

My father is the one that got me involved in it.  He took some classes through OTA about a year before I did. That is what led to me getting involved with OTA back in 2007 as a student.

How long have you been with OTA, and why do you teach?

 I have been with OTA since about 2012, and actively teaching/instructing classes since about 2014.

We know that you do a lot of GPS sessions, what do you enjoy about them?

 I love, love, love the GPS sessions.  The biggest reason is it's about providing a lot of set-ups and opportunities in the hour. I think I counted 42 trade set-ups I gave in one session, that is a ton of trade opportunities for one session!  I also love hearing all the feedback that students provide during that session.

What is your biggest accomplishment?

A lot of times people gauge accomplishments by material things but for me, it’s about my family.  My first daughter was born last year, and we have daughter #2 on the way.  I love my wife and daughters to death, and if I can continue to make them happy, I feel accomplished ??.

What is one thing no one would guess about you?

I was a college quarterback and punter, and I am an active musician.