Clik Corner

We love to hear your positive feedback on CliK. After we released The Grid in CliK, we had requests for some improvements. I am happy to say that we have been able to make many of those happen, and the following are now in CliK.

  1. The symbols in The Grid are now in the same order as they were in the version that is on MyOTA.
  2. If current price is currently located in multiple cells, the highlight box will be around both or multiple cells.
  3. An invalid zone is now gray.
  4. The Grid’s symbols now list only the symbol, e.g., /ES, but the symbols appear in the old manner (continuous month) in the filters and other places.
  5. When a futures symbol is entered into the chart (one that is The Grid) such as when /ES is entered into the Search Symbol field in the chart, CliK now recognizes that as a symbol that is in The Grid and the Grid Bar icon becomes clickable (whether The Grid is open or not). If the Grid Bar icon is clicked, the Grid Bar will be displayed, and the Chart’s symbol will automatically change to be the front month.


You are welcome to send comments about CliK to the CliK team at