IV Gauge Now Available

Now available! Online Trading Academy has now incorporated their proprietary IV Gauge tool right inside the My OTA student portal, independent of any trading platform.

Knowing the level of Implied Volatility is a critical dependency of Online Trading Academy’s approach to Options Trading when selecting the appropriate Options strategy for the current market condition. To accomplish this, OTA built a tool, known as the Implied Volatility Gauge (IV Gauge), which places the current IV on a spectrum from Very Low to Very High for a specific market in which the trader is looking to establish an Options position.

Through the years, OTA has embedded the IV Gauge in various trading platforms, but for the first time the tool is now available without being tied to a specific platform. This is great news for the OTA student looking to implement OTA’s approach to trading the Options market regardless of the trading platform they wish to use.

As an Options OTA student, check it out today by logging into My OTA, and locating the IV Gauge under the My Resources Menu!