Community is at the Heart of the OTA Experience

For over 25 years, Online Trading Academy has been offering the most comprehensive trading and investing education in the industry.  With over 85,000 students and counting, community is at the ♥ of the OTA Experience.  Broadly speaking, a great education includes the fellowship of individuals who seek to share and learn from each other…this is community.  At OTA, that experience begins with your first workshop and grows with every interaction. First you meet the team, then you meet your instructor and support personnel and the next thing you know, there’s a group of students who you take your first class with…and you’ve just exchanged contact information, so you now have support of a group of people who are taking this journey too! 

We’ve watched this time and time again and are inspired by the vibrant communities that organically grow out of shared experiences.  Many of these groups have blossomed from in-center meet-ups held locally to the online XLT Community and other online communities inclusive of students from all over the globe.  The largest of these communities is our Mastermind Community with almost 12,000 students. In the Mastermind Community, you gain access to incredible tools and resources such as the infamous Supply & Demand Grid, as well as the Market Screener and Daily Market Overview. With tools in hand, students participate in several weekly All Asset Mastery sessions, GPS sessions and General Sessions.  We also offer a Mastermind Clubhouse and a private Facebook group where daily trades, notes of encouragement and assorted posts are shared. If you have the Mastermind Community, click here to join this exclusive group.

If you haven’t made the next step to Mastermind, we also offer an XLT Community group for any student who has an XLT or Extended Learning Track offering.  You can request access here and learn more with fellow XLT holders.

Another great way to meet fellow students is to sign up for a Learning Lab, get the practice you need and meet someone new!  There are hundreds of sessions and events hosted every month to bring students, instructors and our support teams together.

Whether you are close to a center or joining us online, you are sure to be welcomed and supported by our family of traders and investors.  We look forward to seeing or hearing from you soon!