Meet Matt Troisi

A knowledgeable and dedicated master of Student Orientation, Class Prep Day, and more since 2018.

Matt is a seasoned trader with over 14 years of experience in the financial markets. As a Student Support Manager, he is passionate about guiding and orienting new students with their financial education journey to help them pursue their trading goals.

Matt became interested in the markets and opened his first trading account in 1999. After several years of being inconsistent with his trading he recognized the need to trade with a strategy and a plan. He joined OTA in 2014 as a student to expand his knowledge and skillset. He continues to actively trade Stocks, ETFs, and Futures, the latter being enjoyed the most since it covers a broad range of assets in the markets by being able to trade indexes, currencies, interest rates, agriculture, and more.

Following his initial exposure to OTA’s financial education experience, he felt he need to share the knowledge and inspiration with others.  He transitioned to a student support role to assist aspiring traders within OTA. In this role, Matt’s keen emphasis is on providing new students with a strong foundation for navigating the steps needed for educational and trading progress. He fosters a supportive and interactive learning environment, always encouraging students to ask questions and actively participate. Team members love working with Matt because he is so inquisitive and intentional in his desire to help students.  Erika Morrow, Director of Student Support commented, “Matt is an incredible leader and champion of the student, caring deeply for each individual person and helping them identify challenges and opportunities in their trading journey.  He is a gem!” To that point, Matt’s goal is for all sessions and interactions to be student-focused, exciting, motivational, and above all highly collaborative to ensure value and growth. 

Matt holds a B.A. from Stony Brook University, an M.S. from Dowling College and has held roles in Financial Services including Investment Advising, Mortgage Banking, and as a Commercial Real Estate Analyst. Formerly, he held Series 7 & 63 licenses.