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InveStar Winner's Trip

On July eighth and ninth of July, four OTA InveStar winners were flown to Irvine, California for the InveStar Winner’s Trip. Investar is a student-driven initiative where students are asked to share their stories to inspire other students along their journey, and for a chance to win a trip to Southern California. Each month there is a new topic such as their first winning trade or an instructor that really inspired them. We then pick a monthly winner based on their story.

This month’s topic: What was your biggest challenge when you started trading? How did you overcome it?

As part of their winners’ trip, not only did we put them up in a hotel, they got to spend an entire day with the education team and have a really nice lunch with some of our top instructors. Also, as part of their package, they guest-starred on Power Trading Radio with our very own Merlin Rothfeld. And for a really special treat, they went out to dinner with the OTA executive team. Last but not least, each InveStar winner was given access to CliK. They received their own log-in and spent two hours training with our top notch instructor Larry Jacobson. On the last day, we captured each of their very special stories which will be shared with you upon completion.

The InveStars expressed having had such a great time, and they loved the time spent with the OTA team. They also appreciated IT and Customer Care’s help with CliK. I heard feedback that they felt like “kings and queens”, and it was due to everyone’s generosity, hospitality and of course, love.

Meet Your InveStar winners:

1. February Winner Chuck Phillips from the Minneapolis Center – Chuck is a karate dojo owner, as well as a satisfied trader. He was a trader before he came to Online Trading Academy using 10 different technical indicators before discovering our course strategy. He’s an active mastermind member and has his own clubhouse sessions on credit and debit spreads. He is well-known and an engaged part of the OTA community.

2. March Winner Jeff Sonnier from the Kansas City Center – Jeff is a Mastermind, an Options Trader, and another highly engaged member of the OTA community. He is also part of a group of traders in Kansas City called Wayne’s World who do all the trading sessions together in the morning as a group. Jeff is very close to his eight siblings and likes to spend time with his two daughters and his grandchildren.

3. April winner Tess Dunkel McKnight from the Kansas City Center – Tess is a Power Trading Radio super fan, and a recent student to OTA. She lives five hours from the center where she is an operations manager for a 1,600-acre farm. Tess has overcome many obstacles including her fear of technology. But because of the instructor that she had in her core strategy class and the students around her, she was able to overcome her fear. She is grateful for the OTA community.

4. May winner Jason Taittinger from the Denver Center – Jason is a forex student from Denver. Before joining Online Trading Academy, he was a restaurant operations manager. Market Timing was a first step. Today, he and his wife are enjoying trading.

The next Winner’s Trip is in November!