Family First!

Bachir Chaaya graduated with a masters in mechanical engineering from the American University of Beirut. He was a young graduate looking to move away from Lebanon, to see the world and start experiencing life. For five years following the completion of his master’s program, Bachir worked within the oil and gas industry living in various countries away from his family. During that length of time, he received two different phone calls informing him of the death of a family member. After the second tragic phone call, being so far away from home and the family that needs him, he made a commitment to move back to Lebanon to remain close to his loved ones.

Finding a career to remain in Lebanon proved a challenge for Bachir, for mechanical engineering was not a strong industry there. He searched for years to develop a skill in something that would earn him a good living so he could stay close to his family. On his quest, he first freelanced website building, then he sold advertisements, and then he tried network marketing. Nothing worked until the stock market caught his attention. He turned to Google to find trading education in his area and was led to OTA Dubai.

Bachir tested the waters with a free workshop in August 2008 and immediately signed up for classes. In 2012 he joined OTA as an instructor and never looked back.

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