CSA for Options is Coming Soon!

CSA for Options is Coming Soon! And it's going to be AMAZING!!
The new OTA proprietary tool for Options that will simplify how you analyze and trade Options in the Future
One of the biggest challenges we often hear from our Option Students is “Am I doing this right?”
At Online Trading Academy, not only have we designed and created a simple step-by-step rule-based methodology to help our students follow a consistent set of rules designed to help active and passive Traders/Investors understand the risks and opportunities associated with trading Options, but In the upcoming weeks, we are going to be introducing a new Core Strategy Analyzer for Options that will help our students continue to follow the Options curriculum in a straightforward and methodological manner. 
The Options Analyzer has been designed to help our students save an enormous amount of time, energy, and effort when it comes to scanning and analyzing set ups for Options. And the best news of all…. The old Options worksheet will be a thing of the past.
The new Analyzer consists of three easy-to-use phases that were designed to assist students follow the OTA Professional Options curriculum, and can be used with any other Options broker platform that supports the OTA platform methodology (price slices, etc.): 
Phase 1: Options Charting – Like the other Core Strategy Analyzers (for Stock, Futures and Forex) the Options Analyzer will also help you to quickly identify the sentiment of an underlying chart, as well as help you score out the quality of a qualified Zone within the context of a Trend and Curve. 
Based upon the OTA proprietary Implied Volatility (IV) gauge, and the trade entry location (in or at, or near a qualified entry zone) or between the two LTF zones, a student will quickly be able to identify what the Options market’s sentiment will be for an underlying asset. 
Phase 2:  Option Chain – Based upon the information entered in Phase 1, The Strategy Layouts, and Greek rules will automatically provide less manual entry while following the steps.
Phase 3: Options P&L Analysis – Finally, once the Price Slice Option theoretical values are entered into the Analyzer, the tool will provide you with the selected strategy’s risk and reward values per the designated contracts you are looking to trade. 
The Core Strategy Analyzer for Options is not only new and original to our OTA community at large, but to the entire Options Industry as well.
To say this Analyzer is a game changer is an understatement, and we cannot wait to showcase this new proprietary tool in our upcoming Options classes and Options XLTs.
Keep an eye out, more information to come…