Focus Showcase Coming August 21st!

Join Bill Addiss and Larry Jacobson in the Focus Showcase in My OTA on August 21st at 830am PT as they introduce a new Focus course designed for those who truly want to diversify for the upcoming market volatility.  It’s called Bonds – The Market’s Canary in the Coal Mine.

If you look at today’s economy, Commercial Real Estate is potentially weighing very heavy on banks and even though they are showing profitability today because of the increased interest rates, they could be hit pretty hard because of default trends in Commercial Real Estate with Residential following into the new year.  So, if you look at the overall market, the bull market is the bond market right now because it’s paying very high interest rates.

Interest rates may not have a lot of room to increase much longer, so as interest rates drop, the bond prices will go up for those who own bonds. So it follows, as interest rates regress, bonds will be worth a lot more when pressure is put on banks to decrease interest rates.

We teach you how to understand the complete financial market, not just the stock market. It’s really all about risk and reward.  Come see how diversifying with bonds could be the right move for you this summer!