Support is Ongoing at OTA

One of the attributes of the education experience at Online Trading Academy, that truly sets us apart from others in the trading and investing space, is the amount of support provided to you, our students. Whether it’s before or after your actual classes and online sessions support is ongoing.. We take great pride in helping you learn the concepts taught, and providing opportunities where you can apply those concepts and receive feedback from our team.

For this reason, we want to make sure you are aware of some of the key support services at your fingertips.

Our Customer Care Team is available via live chat within My OTA or may be emailed at We encourage you to ask any question including technology topics as well as trading questions.

Learning Labs is a series of online sessions covering a wide variety of support topics such as Student Trade Reviews where you can submit a trade for our instructor team to review during session. Broker Basics reviews the important aspects of choosing a broker and knowing what questions to ask. Challenge game style sessions focus on specific aspects of the concepts taught and challenge you to demonstrate that you truly know that concept and much more. You may also benefit from our Navigating My OTA and Platform Basics to get you started on the right foot.  Take advantage of the ability to self-register for these dynamic sessions by accessing Learning Labs from the My Resources Menu in My OTA.

Trade Plan Essentials Class is a must-attend, 1-day, online class where you receive a complete perspective on the many considerations when building a comprehensive personal trading plan. The class is offered every 4-6 weeks. Check out when the next class is, by accessing the calendar in My OTA. As a follow-on companion to the Trade Plan Essentials class, plan on attending the Logging and Journaling Trades ‘Compass Extra’ session found in the Learning Lab section of My OTA.

Further, we have expanded the role of our Enrollment Specialists (ES) in many of our centers to support your educational experience beyond your initial enrollment into the academy and your education program. Make sure you know who your ES is and take advantage of the support they are eager to provide including planning, scheduling, confirming your activity with the academy and much more.

Thank you for trusting us with your financial education. Make the most of it by allowing us to support you on your journey with us.