CliK Futures is Launched!

We have reached a big milestone with the Click project this month- CliK futures! It's an exponential move by the OTA team.

We have been teaching Core Strategy on Click since February 2019, as you know. Recently, we have transitioned futures to run on CliK as well. Futures is different than Core Strategy in that the roll out is not gradual. Instead, every futures class going forward is now up and running. We have five futures classes on CliK at this time and have received fantastic feedback from both the students and the instructors saying how much they love it.

There are some amazing futures tools that we have built into this new version of CliK we are quite excited about including trade builder, depths of market tool, and a futures watchlist. We have also created a special layout for futures as well.

Our instructors are trained, and the network is ready!

We are very proud of our team, and the ease in which the futures roll-out occurred. It is a testimony of not only the amount of planning and time that went into making CliK futures a reality, but the focus groups, beta classes, sprints and genuine care and feedback of staff, instructors, and students that helped us build such an innovative and game changing platform.

Next up: Options!