All Things CliK

Latest CliK Update

  • While still in a beta stage, our world-class analysis and trading platform CliK is already having a profound impact at OTA. Since we’re designing and building CliK with student success as the driving principle, we expect that as CliK evolves, it will assist in elevating anything it touches at Online Trading Academy.
  • Not only is CliK a world-class analysis and trading platform, CliK also integrates OTA’s proprietary and actionable education, tools and services. It’s truly a unique offering and built on the foundation of a decades-established, industry-leading, global financial education company.  

We’d like to make sure you’re kept abreast of all things CliK; so here is quick update:

1. Classroom Mode 2.0 is just around the bend. 

As we embark on the first quarter of 2020, OTA is focused on delivering several, high-priority and exciting items on the CliK roadmap.  The first item worth noting is that we are getting close to rolling out Classroom Mode 2.0; which means a return of real-money trading to our Core Strategy classes.  An initial test of Classroom Mode 2.0 was completed with employees in December and another employee real-money trading test session will be completed in the next few weeks.  We are also targeting February for our first ever student Core Strategy class in Irvine with Classroom Mode 2.0.  To say it another way, in-classroom, real-money trades through OTA’s very own platform is just around the corner.

2. Live Trading in Personal Mode is on-deck. 

Of course, real-money trading in OTA classrooms, creates a springboard to real-money trading in Personal Mode.  As we rollout Classroom Mode 2.0, OTA students and instructors will place hundreds of real-money trades through CliK, providing both additional test cases and validation that CliK real-money trading is ready for use outside of the OTA classroom; or in other words; OTA students trading live through CliK at home in their own, personal tastyworks trading accounts.

3. What about options in CliK? 

The initial release of options functionality in CliK, which included both options analysis and simulated options trading, was released to the public on December 9th.  Over the past month, we’re excited about the positive feedback that’s been pouring in.  However, we are not finished perfecting options in CliK.  Future CliK options features will include a host of additional analysis and trading features as well as the Options Trade Builder and of course live trading in personal mode for options with tastyworks through CliK.

4. How about some more “Only-in-CliK” Tools? 

Some additional exciting news revolves around the delivery of OTA proprietary tools integrated within CliK.  Currently the Zone Drawing Tool and Trade Builder are receiving extremely positive feedback for their abilities to simplify and facilitate both learning and applying OTA’s patented Core Strategy methodology.  On the way are three more “only in CliK” tools and we’ve included some initial screenshots of these below.